James Arthur Is Still Enjoying Being Vegan

james arthur

Last month, James Arthur announced he was moving to veganism after watching What The Health. In a new interview with Nottingham Post, the singer claimed he feels “really good at the moment.”

Asked whether he’s still following a vegan lifestyle, the singer said: “Yeah and I feel really good at the moment. It’s only been a couple of months that I’ve been off the cheese.”

“I never really had a lot of dairy in my diet anyway because as a vocalist it’s not great. And I haven’t been eating meat for the best part of a couple of years.”

Arthur went on to say: “I feel energised. I feel my head is clearer. I’m not preaching the vegan life to anyone but it’s working for me.”

James Arthur is one of many celebrities who has decided to go vegan recently. Lewis Hamilton also went vegan after watching What The Health, along with Ne-Yo and rumours of Kylie Jenner making a similar change.

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