Actor James Cromwell Receives ‘Hero To Animals Award’

The actor went vegan after starring in the 90s film Babe.

james cromwell vegan award

Oscar-nominated actor James Cromwell has received the ‘Hero to Animals Award’ from animal protection charity PETA, for his social animal activism.

The American actor went vegan after filming the iconic movie Babe in the 90s and has since been an outspoken animal rights advocate.

Now animal rights charity PETA has awarded Cromwell the ‘Hero to Animals Award’ for his efforts.

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“We’re honouring James Cromwell for his unerring social activism for animals,” says PETA Honorary Director Nanci Alexander.

“He offers a strong and clear voice of freedom for captive marine mammals, cats and primates held in laboratory cages, and pigs who are abused and slaughtered for food. His kindness to all beings, great and small, makes the world a better place.”

PETA went on to say: “The outspoken Babe and American Horror Story star teamed up with PETA to take over SeaWorld’s “Orca Encounter” show, narrated gripping exposés of cruelty in the horse-racing and pig factory farming industries, and marched against experiments on cats at the University of Wisconsin and monkey shipments by Air France.”

James Cromwell took part in PETA’s move to protest against the treatment of orca whales and was subsequently arrested, he has previously served a 1-week jail sentence for another activism-based arrest.

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