Jermain Defoe Adopts A Plant-Based Diet

The 35 year old hopes a plant based diet will lengthen his footballing career.

jermain defoe

Bournemouth striker Jermain Defoe has announced that he went vegan after watching What The Health on Netflix, and credits his athletic performance to his plant-based diet.

Defoe is the latest athlete to turn towards a plant-based diet in order to further their athletic performance.

Although he still occasionally eats fish, the footballer eats vegan when at home and has completely eliminated meat, eggs and dairy out of his diet.

“It wasn’t easy, but as I was doing it, I noticed the difference,” he says. “I didn’t get one muscle injury last season, and in your 30s, that’s quite unusual.

“I thought it must be down to my diet – cutting meat out and really understanding what I’m actually putting into my body.”

“Now I feel like I’ve got more energy. I feel completely different – I’m able to train every day, I don’t get any injuries, it’s helped with my game. That, for me, is the most important thing.”

Jermain Defoe turned towards a plant-based diet in an attempt to ensure he can play professional level football for as long as possible.

He has also worked with Quorn on a video to demonstrate how reducing your consumption of meat can be extremely healthy, and also beneficial for the environment.

Defoe hopes the video will encourage kids to look at what they’re putting into their bodies, and show you can be fit and healthy without meat.

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