Joe Wicks: Cancer + Heart Disease in 15


Unless you’ve been living in a cave the last few months, you’ve probably heard of Joe Wicks. In a world where celebrity fitness and Instagram is dominated by females, he’s made his way as the new curl haired face of the ‘get fit quick’ movement.

Promising to get you lean in 15, and irritating the educated with his cringe worthy Instagram videos, the only thing he’ll get in 15 is his 15 minutes of fame.

So what exactly is his plan to help people lose weight?

joe wicks2

A cookbook filled with some of the most horrendous looking recipes I’ve ever seen.

Expect tons of oil, eggs, processed and smoked meat, and everything else you could possibly need for serious health concerns in the future.

There’s only so much you can hide behind a big smile and washboard abs, so when will people realise how dangerous Joe Wicks meal plans really are?

Lets take a look at some of his recipes.

joe wicks

Mmm, this sure sounds super healthy! Cheese, chorizo and chicken, all in one dish, aka the perfect recipe for a heart attack.

Not only is chorizo a processed meat, a group 1 cancer causing carcinogen, but eggs are extremely high in cholesterol and cheese is the fermented breast milk of a cow, designed to make their young grow.

the independent

Yum, including 75 grams of a meat proven to cause you cancer! But never mind, it makes you lean in 15, right?

joe wicks

To make this recipe even worse, take a closer look at the ingredients. Yes, you are allowed 4, FOUR, cherry tomatoes. But don’t worry, you have mozzarella, chorizo and chicken to keep you healthy.

His meals pretty much consist of: meat, cheese, eggs, oil, avocado, more meat, and perhaps some yoghurt on top.

It can’t get much worse can it?

Oh wait… of course it can.

joe wicks

Whereas the previous recipe allowed you four cherry tomatoes, now you’re allowed four rashers of bacon. EACH! Where the hell has this guy learnt his nutrition? In what imaginary universe is eating four rashers of processed bacon okay? Even a toddler knows that bacon is the last food that will make you lean.

Don’t forget the TWO EGGS you get in the same meal, I’m genuinely amazed. 4 rashers of bacon and two eggs, you might as well save your money and just head for a fry up at your local greasy cafe and.

Avocados, although healthy, are still high in fat, especially when you’re eating a whole one by yourself and enjoying it with other high fat high salt foods. Don’t cut out the avocado, cut out the other stuff.

joe wicks

For a man who claims to be a health professional, he sure does love to make sure his clients eat plenty of cancer causing meat. Check this out, 12 chipolata sausages between 2 people, that’s a disgusting 6 sausages each.

joe wicks
Does this look like it’ll get you lean in 15?

Take one look at his Instagram and notice a clear pattern. There’s a clear repetition of featured meals, with avocados and eggs being a staple favourite (fat and cholesterol galore), as well as eggs appearing in every other recipe. It’s not just one egg either, it’s at least 2. One recipe even included the need for THREE eggs. And they say vegans have no variety in their diet…

joe wicks

I still fail to understand how in any world someone can think that this is okay.

The Instagram post above sums it all up really. The bulk of this meal is mince. You are getting the bulk of your calories from nothing but beef, a red meat which we have been told time and time again to cut down on.

Along with this, it’s topped with nothing else but avocado, where 75-80% of the calories come from fat, a tiny bit of pepper, and a huge dollop of what looks like yoghurt. Where is the fibre? Where are the carbs? And where the heck is the flavour? 90% of this meal is nothing more than meat, and it honestly just looks appalling and dry.

Joe Wicks, how is he famous?

His thought process is this. Let people think that they can continue eating the same shit they have always been eating, but put a spin on it. So instead of a fry up, call it a ‘breakfast bagel’ and throw some fancy herbs on top.

Then, he throws in some 15 minute HIIT exercises, enough to leave the consumer feeling tired and as if the plan is working.

His recipes are apparently not meant to be a low carb fad, yet look at one of the chapters in his book.

joe wicks

So he feeds the consumers low carb recipes, in small portions and made up of predominantly meat. Then get them to do high intensity exercises, and let the money pour in.

carbs 2

Sure, if I ate nothing but a bagel for lunch and barely a plateful of food for dinner with HIIT thrown in, I would probably lose weight too. But in the long run? This is NOT a lifestyle you can carry on forever. Nor is it one that will keep you healthy.

High blood pressure, exhaustion and the risk of cancer, all masked by his ‘funny’ persona and friendly books.

Don’t be fooled by Joe Wicks. He won’t get you lean in 15, he’ll give you cancer in 10.


  1. I read this article a while back and it did deter me at first from the lean in 15 plan. I myself was never a big meat eater and I didn’t want to consume so much on a daily basis. However now I am a lean in 15 veggie graduate and it has been amazing for my health. All diets can be detrimental to health – veggie-vegan-ominivorous-etc if they are poorly executed I.e. processed, limited… However this one isn’t. I have even tried some of the meat recipes and they are not all harbingers of death and cancer like this article suggests. I love vegan food from thug kitchen to Bosh and so many informative vegan blogs I follow. I do not like however misleading information and pseudo science that has crept into the mindset of some individuals who have allowed themselves to become blinkered and fanatical about vegan food. This article is unfortunately so one sided and ignorant. It claims to choose the single worst recipe to illustrate the diet as a whole which is an extremely misguided way of forming opinion on any subject/content. Do not let this article dissuade you. Take a look at lean in 15 recipes in on of the books (I recomend the veggie one!) and judge for yourself. Also with regards to cancer and diet I would recommend the NHS or a serious body that does not form its information from a starting position of bias. Have a look for yourself. 🙂

  2. I think if you look into any aspect of life there will always be “research” to suggest anything causes cancer, I’m sure you can say living in a industrial country can cause cancer due to the pollution that comes with cars etc. I think maybe eating meat every day can be a bit too much sometimes, however I do not agree with this blog and how you try to state facts – eat processed meat you will get cancer. I think it is sad that the person who wrote this blog clearly has an agenda to promote “veganism”. I’m not against veganism at all, but I think it it is a shame that people feel it necessary to scare monger those who choose to eat meat. I feel this blog is very misinformed and maybe should consider having a more balanced view or at least write about other lifestyles and life choices that also could cause cancer (but obviously not a certainty) like living in polluted areas, exposing yourself to UV rays – those pesky buggers are around in winter too…not just summer!

    • There may always be ‘research’, but there’s a difference between any old research and verified, recognised research. You say “how you try to state facts – eat processed meat you will get cancer”, however, the fact is from an extremely reliable source. We’re not simply making it all up! The WHO has recognised that processed meat DOES cause cancer, we’re simply relaying that to our blog. Why do you not like this? If you are scared by the fact that meat does in fact cause cancer, that’s not as a result of me, it’s as a result of the research that proves this. There is no way we will start promoting the consumption of animal products, both because of the health implications as well as the ethical implications. You’re definitely right though, polluted areas and UV rays are very important things we need to be aware of, we might write about them soon! Luckily in the North of England we don’t get too much sun to worry about!

  3. I’ve been vegi since the age of around 11 (now 30+). i could with little difficulty be vegan if i wanted to, it would mean me finding alternatives to a few items i always like to keep around.

    Joe’s books videos and plans are more tailored to meat eaters YES, but they provide much healthier alternatives to the awful stuff many people eat, (meat eaters and vegetarians, but seeing as the majority of people eat meat of course it’s tailored more to a meat eater).

    it’s providing meals which are quick easy and better then putting in the oven processed frozen food or meals or takeaway, it’s about eating real food and getting active.

    The books have low carb and carb heavy recipes depending on the requirements of that day, and he’s providing an realistic achievable alternative to all the people who say you have to hit the gym for hours a day and require loads of equipment.

    Personally i know enough about myself and my needs to know what food I want. I also cook most of my own meals from real ingredients.

    I like what Joe does, his videos,meals,plans and i do follow him, not everything he says is suited for me but much of it is and much of it has helped me. I don’t expect anyone who posts online to be able to cater for everyone, you need to either use his tailored plans or know which bits to ignore. And if you don’t know what to ignore you need to educate yourself and see a nutritionist to get something suitable for you.

    I think the problem with the environment and obesity isn’t that people eat meat, it’s the amount of processed meat and other processed foods eaten and used by the food industries. people need to cook real food and learn about portion control. I cook and eat mostly healthy food my downfall is portion control and an inactive lifestyle due somewhat to the hours i work, the hiit workouts are easy things i can do at home without paying £200-500 per year for a gym membership i hardly used due to working hours.

    Give the guy a break and start getting on to the people who really need to change.

    • ‘I think the problem with the enviroment and obesity isn’t that people eat meat’
      Oh my, have you done any research?? The number one cause of deforestation and excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is due to animal agriculture !! So yes, meat is the problem. And in the long run, eating meat isn’t sustainable as it makes people fat and is the reason why the majority of all adults are overweight.

  4. Absolute junk. Lost me at the whinge about the chicken and chorizo recipe – talking about eggs, no eggs in that recipe, genius. You ought to take the time to read more than just the recipes, ultimately it’s a lifestyle choice that I believe builds a lot on Jamie Oliver’s work. Simple recipes, effective and energising exercise routines, solid advice around which macros to eat and when. At the end of the day it’s about finding a formula which works for you and remembering that one hole is bigger than the other hole – stop putting as much in the big hole, eat fresh and the best quality produce you can afford, bit of everything in moderation and get some exercise.

  5. What’s that saying, a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing…. This would have been a much better article if you were able to provide data to back up your dubious comments. As stated by others, not the way to convince people to change their eating habits; in fact the article could almost be slanderous.

  6. Just a worthy note that Joe does offer a vegetarian option on the 90 day plan. The books also say to replace meat with Quorn or tofu if preferred. It is true that processed and red meat with nitrates cause cancer but sadly if he suggested organic produce he wouldn’t have half the reach, as people cant afford it. There is no denying that this is a very approachable diet.

      • Hi I came across this after looking for feedback on Joe Wicks plan as I am looking for a healthier lifestyle. I think as a meat eater I was looking for one that includes meat and this is generally what those signing up to Joes plan are doing.
        I understand you will have knowledge on vegan lifestyle and I guess we all have our bias based on our preferences. If your article was more informative and factual it would help to convince others. I get that you’re overall agenda is to enlighten people to the harmfulness you believe meat to have but I would advise a less angry approach which shows your passion but will invoke more positive interest. As hard as this may be think like a meat eater…What would convince you not to eat meat when you’re totally satisfied with it?
        Maybe comparing meals and health benefits you are aware of. I don’t hate animals but I do view certain types as livestock for produce. I understand this may anger you but how you respond to meat eaters is vital to your cause…
        I’m not totally anti vegan lifestyle I just don’t see how i can and my overall health is important. People say cutting out meat is bad too.

      • Lydia,
        you are so angry, but you are cute… enjoy life – we all have choices and opinions. I respect yours: please respect those of others. Merry Christmas 😉 x

  7. If we have to listen to your moans about us eating your “friends” then you shut up and accept others too u selfish crap. If you love animals so much why the heck you eating all their food. Selfish.

    • I’m sorry to hear you lost your wife but you simply can’t blame that on eating soy, there’s simply no reputable evidence. As far as everything else you said I give up. If I love animals but can’t eat plant based foods, what else is left? Guess I’ll just stick to dirt? Oh yes, I’m so selfish for not eating animals and eating plants instead, they must hate me so much. Take your petty arguments somewhere else, I don’t have time to deal with such uneducated comments such as these, and honestly can’t be bothered. Bye.

  8. Lack of education about food is the problem. People want help to lose fat but don’t understand how. When someone like Joe Wickes comes along with his sparkling package and amazing marketing these people believe they’ve found the answer. Unfortunately Lydia you’re always going to be fighting a losing battle. People don’t want to believe this is wrong but also don’t have the time/willingness to invest in the education in the first place. Like a lot of things, this appears to be a solution to a widespread (profitable) problem.

    I was a massive meat and dairy fan but decided to do some research of my own when helping a vegetarian friend on her fitness journey. I accidentally fell upon a documentary called ‘Forks over Knives’
    I urge anyone of you that doesn’t agree with Lydia to just watch this. There are some jaw dropping facts with years of research. It may just change your mind! Surely it’s better to stay open minded?

  9. Actually, the Mediterranean population (surviving largely on meat, cheese and oil), have among the lowest rates of heart disease in the world. The media has claimed that just about everything on the planet causes cancer recently so before you throw your misinformed ideas around for others to blindly follow, read some peer-reviewed, scientific research.

  10. I don’t understand why this article is just focused on The Body Coach plan. If your true intention of the article is to promote how bad eating meat etc is, then why not also attack all other plans such as Slimming World and Weight Watchers who promote all the same kinds of food as well as sugar!? I have no issue at all that you choose a vegan lifestyle, however, I don’t think it’s right for you to attack people who do not believe the same as you. There are things you do in your life that people will not agree with, and I am sure you would not like to read an article similar to yours about you. I am currently doing the 90 day SSS plan (which is actually completely different to the book) and am enjoying learning what my body actually needs and in what quantities. It is only 90 days, which I can then adapt (and probably will reduce the amount of meat I eat) to suit me and my lifestyle to make a healthier me.

    • Hi Amy,

      Can I ask how you got o on this 90 day plan please. I am currently coming to the end of phase 1 and wondering whether to carry on.

  11. Your website is called “veggie athletic”. So before I even start reading your badly laid out blog post I can see that you have an existing agenda and/or a conflict of interest. You also cite a glib infogram from The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine that espouses (only) the downsides of eating eggs. A quick Google search reveals that this is an advocacy (HAS AN AGENDA) group which promotes a vegan based diet, so again, another conflict of interest….

    It’s hard to take your argument seriously when you have a barely concealed incentive…

  12. Humans have been eating animals since time began sooooo if its so bad for us, how are not extinct by now?

    I think people following a ‘diet’ book, losing weight and reducing their chances of obesity and obesity diseases is better than doing nothing about it.

    Vegan is not a natural choice. Humans never lived as vegans. Meat always has been a diet staple.
    Vegans have a reputation for being arseholes and it seems you’re out to prove the fact right.

    • We have never been eating the quantity that we have been eating now. You’re right, we’re not extinct, we’re just suffering from a major obesity and heart disease epidemic, are destroying all of our natural resources and are only just starting to deal with the consequences of decades of abuse. Vegan is a very natural choice, many cultures have been following veganism for centuries, and the fact we can adapt so quickly and successfully to a vegan diet shows how well suited we are for it. Meat eaters have a reputation for plugging their fingers in their ears and refusing to listen and it seems you’re out to prove that fact right too.

        • Junk food obviously adds to this obesity epidemic, but sugary junk food only amounts to a small percentage of what we as a population eat. The bulk of what we eat in our main meals, the excess of fatty food like meat and oil, and our obsession with milk, cheese, yoghurt to blame. Sugary junk food is small game, look at the main bulk of where overweight people get their calories. There’s next to no added sugar in junk like hotdogs, burgers, chips, pizza, kebabs, they’re made up of animal products and oil. If you think you’d be obese eating HCLF vegan with sugary junk food on the side, you’re delusional. It’s high fat, high salt, high oil animal products and food that is making people fatter. ‘Slack bint’, never heard that one before, cheers!

          • Refined sugar is in EVERYTHING…

            It is quite scary that uneducated fools like you are able to have a voice and “educate” others for a better life when you have no idea what you are talking about.

            “Meat eaters have a reputation for plugging their fingers in their ears and refusing to listen and it seems you’re out to prove that fact right too”

            Says a vegan…

      • Is this not a contradiction? ‘Destroying all our natural resources…’ vs ‘vegan is a very natural choice’.

        I was intrigued to read this article, especially as I have followed Joe on Instagram and other social media for a few years, even before his ’15 minutes of fame’ as you put it. I love his approach; as many other people have commented it gives us normal people who have to hold down a job, responsibilities and commitments a realistic and achievable way to eating a healthy, balanced diet and losing weight.

        Sadly, I have found the comments to be far more informed and interesting than the original article which I believe to be one biased opinion, set out to ‘bash’ The Bodycoach mentality. Long live Lean in 15!

      • The first half of this reply was well formed and on track. The last sentence was totally unnecessary as even the vegans and vegetarians can be like that, you seem to prove that.

  13. Not sure what is unhealthy about
    Chicken or Turkey breast, cod, tuna, mackerel, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, courgette, onions, leeks, Spinach, Kale, Green Beans, Asparagus, Sugar Snaps, Broccoli, whole rice, cous cous 0% yoghurt that forms the basis of my meals from his plans…..

  14. My girlfriend has a nutritionist who is assigned to her personally by the NHS, as she has a disease which means she requires one. They have suggested she eats both fish and chicken for the sake of her long term health.

    Please advise. Do I tell her to ignore the nutritionist or not?

    • Ignore the nutritionist, most of what they tell is just government prescribed. Which disease does your girlfriend have, if you don’t mind me asking? Through my experience all diseases can be treated exactly the same on a vegan diet and more often than not, the disease is treated with much higher success and speed.

      • “Nat Wallis

        26th August 2016 at 10:55 am

        *cringe* Love it when someone tries to clutch at straws for a good old conspiracy theory”


  15. You’re like a terrorist. Unwilling to accept ANY other persons opinion or choices and slandering those who think differently to you, i.e. Joe.
    Basically the ISIS of the food world.

    There’s a South Park episode where Cartman tells so many lies he starts to believe they’re actually true… This is kind of what you’re doing. Spouting so much shit that when you’re challenged you start to believe everything you’ve said like ‘It’s not an attack on his followers it’s on Joe’. You’re calling so many people who have got results from his plan idiotic, or stupid just in a backhanded, roundabout, but ultimately condescending manner… And I don’t think you even see it, which is worrying.

    What are you basing saying that ALL of these people who HAVE got results won’t see benefit in the long run, or won’t manage to keep weight off/be healthy long term? You a fucking clairvoyant? It’s nonsense. You’ve been a vegan for two minutes and you’re already being a condescending, demeaning cunt.

    Get off your high horse and stop slandering people. By all means promote your lifestyle and the stuff you’re doing that’s worked for YOU (not necessarily everyone else), but don’t drag other people down to pull yourself up… Even if it is for the ‘greater good’ or ‘everyone’s benefit’.

    You cunt.

    • Oh wow, I write MY opinion on someones diet book, and I’m a terrorist? I think someone needs to take a MAJOR chill pill. The ISIS of the food world for writing a blog post, HA, I wonder how you can ever deal with real life stresses if this gets to you so much?

      I’m not calling people who use his book idiotic or been condescending, I only would have acted that way to people who have been rude or attacking in the comments, like you. So yes, this reply is obviously condescending, because you seem a tad uptight about this all.

      I’m saying that I don’t believe these results will be long term because this is a shitty ‘diet’ book with people eating small portions of high fat food and exercising, which unless diets now last for the rest of your life, won’t have long term results. No I’m not clairvoyant, but I’m pretty sure even you can admit in your stress induced state that I’m allowed to make my own predictions. HAHA I’m a cunt for writing an opinion piece on someones book? How do you survive life when you get this offended over a blog post that doesn’t directly affect you in any way shape or form?

      Is anyone who disagrees with or writes about Joe Wicks book ‘slandering people’? And how am I on a high horse for disagreeing with him? Just because I have a different opinion to you? If I don’t agree with what he says or does I’m allowed to say, I’m hardly dragging him down. And even if I was going so far as to calling him a cunt, as you so eloquently call me, what does it have to do with you again? Please, next time you’re in such a rage over such a menial thing as a vegans blog post, just go for a run or count to ten in your head instead of calling strangers cunts over the internet. Bye now.

      • You’re a cunt for saying people who eat animals don’t love them. TOTAL BULLSHIT.
        Also, thanks to all vegans for destruction of small farmers businesses and huge amounts of deforestation for your precious soya!!

        • Oh wow I thought this comment was a joke at first… First off, this is a very childish comment for someone whose email address says they’re 33, secondly, you’re completely wrong. No you can’t love animals and eat them at the same time. Who goes, ‘wow, I love this beautiful cow, I’m going to cause it unnecessary pain and suffering for no good reason. I love animals though!’. You’re a pet lover, not an animal lover Becky.

          If you love something you don’t want to destroy it or kill it do you? Makes no sense. Clearly this makes you feel uncomfortable and guilty, hence you feeling the need to act so immaturely.

          Also, pretty clear that it’s the commercialization and industrialization of farming that is destroying the businesses of small farmers, not the 5%+/- of vegans globally. Even if vegans were responsible, farming is a dying profession anyway, and it’s only a matter of time.

          Oh also, you’re contributing to more deforestation than me. According to the WWF “Most people associate soy with tofu and soy milk. However, only a small portion of soy is consumed directly by humans. In fact, most of the world’s soy crop ends up in feed for poultry, pork, cattle and even farmed fish.

          Unbeknownst to most of us, soy is found in almost all commercially produced meat or chicken that we eat.”

          So whoops, looks like you’re to blame and not us irritating vegans, thanks to your need for all that ‘precious soya’.

          Don’t forget, animal agriculture is the cause of 51% of Amazon deforestation, just in case you need to feel more guilty and lash out, calling more people cunts.

          Deep down I still hope this comment was a joke it was that nonsensical. Bye.

          • Lydia, reading your other article… you only became a vegan to lose weight… not because your love of animals…

            Your “weight loss journey” mentions nothing that your cared for the welfare of animals, only how much you lost from not eating animal products.

          • I became vegetarian only for animal ethics, and then vegan I would say 80% for ethics 20% for health. The weight loss that came with cutting out all animal products was only a side benefit, and not my main goal.

            I went vegetarian after watching earthlings, which has nothing at all to do with health and is purely about ethics. My weight loss article was just that, focusing on the weight loss side of going vegan. It didn’t go into my ethical decisions because that wasn’t the focus of the article.

            Anyway, why does it matter? I support people cutting animal products out no matter the reasoning 🙂

          • I hope you realise you have just broken data protection rules by sharing personal information (i.e. name, age) given in a private setting???? Amateur.

          • Ok Bob, how about you go and read about DPA 1998 where it states, “An individual is ‘identified’ if you have distinguished that individual from other members of a group. In most cases an individual’s name together with some other information will be sufficient to identify them.” Stating the age of an anonymous commenter does not identify such commenter, and as such the DPA does not apply. An email address is also not a private piece of information. Maybe check this out for yourself, “Can a living individual be identified from the data, or, from the data and other information in the possession of, or likely to come into the possession of, the data controller?
            Yes – Go to next question.
            No – The data is not personal data for the purposes of the DPA.” Go find something else to do with your time Bob

    • We’re terrorists for advising a plant based diet but you’re not a terrorist because you murder hundreds of animals, eat their flesh and destroy the environment?

      Makes sense…

  16. Have you actually done the plan? A lot of what you are saying isn’t actually correct!
    It was only a matter of time before someone came along and rubbished him because he’s doing so well, unfortunately for you the way you have done it has probably just lost you any respect you had as a blogger.

  17. Lydia love, calm down. I think you will find that those of us who follow the plan are happy with it. I’m not sure what your nutritional credentials are but just being vegan and against eating meat doesn’t mean your opinion is right, it just means it’s different to people like me who like a rare steak now and again. Joe’s plan works for us, we feel healthier and Joe is very easy on the eye which is more than I can say for Gillian McKeith.

  18. Processed meat is bad. Processed! And even then it’s not the meat that causes cancer, but everything else it’s mixed with! Cancer is caused by mutations in our genes. Everyone has the same chances of getting it and although there are risk factors which if you expose yourself to, it will increase your chance of being unable to repair the normal mutations in your genes. Please go and do a degree in nutrition like Joe has, then feel free to criticise, just don’t hate people because they are obviously more educated than you, and don’t agree with your lifestyle choices. Oh, and if we didn’t eat meat, we wouldn’t have evolved to be the human beings we are now. Grow up.

    • Yes, processed meat like the chorizo and chipolatas he includes. I think you need to read up on this, as it is the meat itself, and cancer is developed through not just hereditary factors but our environment too. In meat, “Meat consists of multiple components, such as haem iron. Meat can also contain chemicals that form during meat processing or cooking. For instance, carcinogenic chemicals that form during meat processing include N-nitroso compounds and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Cooking of red meat or processed meat also produces heterocyclic aromatic amines as well as other chemicals including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are also found in other foods and in air pollution”. Joe doesn’t have a degree in nutrition either, he has a degree in sports science which is wildly different. No you’re right, we wouldn’t be the humans we are now. We would be more ethical, compassionate humans who don’t destroy the atmosphere with the side effects of farming.

      • I totally agree with you on this. I followed the plan for a few day and the amount of fat and processed meat it beyond rediculous. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out how bad it is for your heart and how it is full of cancer causing agents (No matter how much you are told to think outside the box) yes a low carb high fat diet does have its place, I.e. Type 2 Diabetics where improvement outway risks, but for the average person the long term impact on a person’s health could be catastrophic. It might work in the short term but these follows are storing up problem for the future.

        • But do you know the risks of developing type 2 diabetes off of a normal diet?? So therefore if you’re using it to improve it then why wouldn’t you use his plan to prevent it all together?

    • “In the case of red meat, the classification is based on limited evidence from epidemiological studies showing positive associations between eating red meat and developing colorectal cancer as well as strong mechanistic evidence.” from the WHO directly. I’d say if there was positive associations between a food and the chances of getting cancer, I would cut it out.

        • I know it does not equal causation ‘doll’, but when one thing has a positive association with such an awful thing as cancer, I would have thought rational people wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole.


            Nope, go learn some stats. ‘Positive association’ can literally be between anything for any reason, if causation has not been proven, then it’s meaningless. The likelihood is, the sorts of people who eat a lot of processed meat are probably unhealthy because they also eat loads of biscuits, cheap food, live in worse areas, smoke, drink, ETC – that’s probably causing the cancer.

  19. I’ve followed joes plan for some time, I had high cholesterol, hypertension and was borderline diabetic. I’ve lost a considerable about of weight. My bloods have stablised and my blood sugar is now within normal range.. My blood pressure has also reduced to within the normal parameters.

    I can see how as a vegan these meals may be abhorrent to you. But for someone like me this his plan has been a life saver. Literally. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that’s fine.

    • I’m glad your health has improved so much! Like I’ve tried to say, this isn’t directed at the people who use his plans, but at him directly for creating such animal product involved meals. Like you say, everyone is entitles to their own opinions, and I respect that you understand why I find them abhorrent

      • You can, if you prefer, have a no meat plan (which I do). I feel amazing, the meals are balanced and nutritious, and I look 100x better than I ever have done. This plan has changed my life, and I’m forever grateful to Joe for devising a plan that doesn’t leave me starving (I’m eating more than I ever have before) and still gets results. Oh and I’m educated, and don’t find him the least bit annoying. Just my 2 cents worth…

      • So hold on, you are now saying that your article is aimed at him for creating animal product involved meals? This article should be taken down. It’s very badly written and clearly states a very different argument than you intended.

  20. My biggest issue with your article is that you can not accept others have a different view point and respect that – we are just wrong and uneducated if we disagree. I have read the links kindly provided in the comments and I am left with the same view I have always had …. Moderation, buying locally especially meat and not eating processed food. I too have followed the SSS, I don’t eat more eggs than before I started, I eat less red meat, I am not eating any processed meat and I eat so much green veg going to the toilet is more vibrant 😉
    Instead of attacking Joe you could engage with him to challenge him to make changes that would work… But you have to accept not everyone wants to be vegan and that choice has to be part of the mix. To make improvements in our lives they have to be sustainable step changes and for some perhaps steps to becoming vegan might be their path for others it won’t be… Doesn’t mean the changes they have already made aren’t valid and improving their lives and the world around them.
    Also it is well documented sugar is an issue … So let’s applaud anything that cuts that dependency.
    It is great to see passion for a cause but that passion should be wielded carefully to engage not antagonise those who may have opposing views

    • I understand people have different view points but as a vegan it is hard to respect them, as they go directly against my ethical beliefs. I’m not going to pour red paint over any steak eaters but at the same time I believe I have the freedom to say ‘I don’t agree with what you’re doing’. So great to see that you’re eating less eggs and meat and more veg, does often have that toilet effect haha! Thank you for a thought out and non-personal response, I wish you good health

      • I understand it is hard to respect people with wildly different views, but in a world full of hate we have an obligation to try no matter what the subject – And it is fine to say you disagree but on reading your blog the message I get is much stronger and given what I know I would challenge the accuracy and fairness of comments on his plan and approach.
        Good luck with your blog and thanks for your reply.

  21. Lydia I feel for you. I noticed you picked on what you thought was the “worst” meal you could find in the book, which is still good for you. Tho I did notice you didn’t fancy looking at the rest of the book with sooo many healthy meals and even a veggie options. Nothing to say on them? Mmm didn’t think so. You live in a different world if you worry about meat. It’s a wonder you leave the house. I find it shocking that someone who believes in being healthy (in your own way) would put such negative words about someone helping a lot of people become fit and healthier. Why joe? Why don’t you put your efforts into McDonald’s or Nescafé (caffeine is very bad for the heart) or Coca Cola. Or Mars or we’ll have the fucking world. The fact that above you don’t believe sugar is a problem in fighting fat proves to me you’re an idiot, and to me you just don’t like that he is making money for being happy. Of course you will answer none of my statements and just focus on saying I’m not digging at people bla Bla. I also noticed you failed to address several comments stating for a fact! Lydia that their cholesterol and blood pressure had fallen. What you got to say about that? A lot of his meals have veg or spicies or nut seeds etc that lower both of them and promote healthy fats. I would never stand here and say what he is doing is flawless but I’d rather my kids did his cheesey grin than Ronald McDonalds smile. Just one last thing the size of his meals are a general size. If you sign up to the plan you get a tailored plan which could include more veg than stated in that book. Do your research, mouth

    • Also his low carbs meals are for non training days. Man did you actually do any research. Your a vegan, cyclist, student. Says it all. If we wasn’t meant to eat meat why do we have teeth? Cyclists And student? So your on benifits with a book?

    • Which is still good for you? Ah, I feel sorry for you too. Even his ‘healthy’ meals are appalling, and I focused on the worst as I wanted to demonstrate how bad his recipes are. You don’t really make any sense. I live in a different world if I eat meat? It’s a wonder I leave the house? What are you on about? This man is creating unhealthy plans that encourage people to lose weight in the short term, this doesn’t mean they’re becoming healthy. Because none of these companies are selling overpriced plans and guides with the false promise of helping become become healthy. He is making money for being happy? You really don’t make sense at all. He makes money through false promises and a facade of being the happiest lad on the planet. Sorry? Stating for a fact? I say that I don’t know who leaves these anonymous comments, if their cholesterol and blood pressure has actually fallen or not, and if they have gone to a doctor for these tests or not. So if veg, spices nuts etc lower them, why would you need rubbish like meat? Sign up to the plan, which he charges you more money for? Money making schemes everywhere! So on non training days eating nothing but chicken covered in cream is good for you, yes? Ah, as I am vegan, a cyclist, and a student, it means that I know nothing? Would love to see your credentials, half of what you typed doesn’t even make sense. If we weren’t meant to eat meat, why do we have teeth? Oh dear lord I hope you’re kidding. Why do cows have teeth? And goats and horses and rabbits and every other herbivore on the planet? Yes I’m a student and a cyclist, it means that I know how to spell benefits (which you clearly can’t), and am open to learning about and improving the world that we live in.

      • I won’t go into detail on every point you’ve made on this comment and in your main post as that would take hours, but please do some research before your next rant. You’ve said in your comment that he is “creating unhealthy plans that encourage people to lose weight in the short term, this doesn’t mean they’re becoming healthy”. I did the plan over a year ago and am continuing my health lifestyle, getting fitter, leaner and having a more positive outlook on life – i.e. long term. There are plenty of people doing the same. Also, it doesn’t matter if you don’t get the most dramatic transformation in terms of weight loss. If it helps you mentally – as it has done for me with my depression – that still means your health is improving. Please don’t blast something that you haven’t researched well enough to back up your arguments.

      • Not eating meat isnt going to stop you getting cancer. When if you research it enough youll see that yes some cancers risks are lower in vegans but then they are higher in some cancer ie urinary tract.
        Joe wicks is great for people who want to change from eating chips and other poorly nutritional diet. Meat is a great part of varied diet as it helps make those micronutrients needs where as some of the vegans dont

        • There’s nothing ‘great’ about meat, a huge contributor to health problems, murder of billions of animals and the destruction of our planet. Open your eyes.

          You can get everything as a vegan, there’s no need for animal products.

          • And thats why people should be vegans as they want to make changes. Shouldn’t go round slating other people like Joe who wants to help other people change there diets, I have this book and love the range of foods, yes it has meat but he also does vegan plans if she actually looked at the book she would realize that he states what else to use for vegans ie tofu. I for one enjoy meat and will continue to eat meat and only jibe I have at it it can be sustainable and people should buy meat from suistanable origins. This review isn’t a review its slating peoples views and giving a lot of people the wrong information, a lot of what she says is incorrect such as the high carb days it doesnt mention that they are recommended for days that you workout which is correct as it fuels the body then reduced cabs for rest days.

          • There’s no wrong information in the article. People need to realise that a majority of Joe Wicks’ recipes are unhealthy and detrimental to their health. This will only happen when people open their eyes to the continuous lies spread by ‘nutritionists’ and people such as Joe

          • Since I have owned his book and cooked the vast majority of his recipes for a few months I have become I much healthier person, my blood pressure is down, I have more energy through out the day, have lost body fat, I even have muscle definition. So to call it unhealthy but then that’s what id expect from a narrow minded vegan.

  22. I am a graduate of Joe’s 90 day plan .. Previous sufferer of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, constant fatigue and almost every other ailment you can imagine.. I am now 2 stone lighter, In the shape of my life, cholesterol and blood pressure are healthy and I’ve never had more energy… I don’t think much more needs to be said

  23. glad you have the time and energy to put people down, me, just getting myself together from abuise,as a child, a dislocated ankle, my mum dying slowly, moving house, slipped disc and now caring for my dad whist bring up a 8 and 10 year old. Really? This is life, no ones to blame for things. GROW UP!

    • Sorry you’ve been dealt a bad hand in life at the moment, but I’m not putting you down at all. This is about Joe. You say this is life and we can’t blame people for things, but you just blamed me for putting you down? I hope you’re okay but this article wasn’t about you

      • I think you should be ashamed of yourself! Your odviously a jealous cow attempting to dampen someone’s success with your own uneducated view of food! Your looking a little porky yourself.. Maybe you should sign up to the 90 day plan before criticising it!

        • Ashamed for trying to help people? It’s a shame people like you are unable to see through someone who’s so fake and realise the real truth. People want to be told that what they’re doing is fine because 95% can’t be bothered to change. As for the porkiness, I bet Lydia could run rings around you fitness wise and if you think that’s ‘porky’ you must be one unhealthy and anorexic cunt.

        • Ah yes, I’m a ‘jealous cow’ because I dared to give my opinion, and I bet you’re a misogynistic twat who hates women having an opinion! Porky, hahahah!!! I have lost 20lbs being vegan, have the energy to ride or run 5+ times a week, whereas before I could barely make it through the day without falling asleep. I weigh about 133lb and am 5ft 8, please, if you’re so ‘educated’ about food, how is that the technical term of porky? Glad you’re spreading an unhealthy expectation of womens bodies as well as how they should behave, you sound like a real charmer.

          • Wow Lydia… If your opinion means spreading hate towards someone else who has done well for them self, then I feel for you. If you want to carry on encouraging people to become vegan, then I’d preach more on the positive aspects of it, not put down someone because they eat meat and slate their work.

            Your nutritional education seems to be limited, Joe Wicks meals are perfectly acceptable, and is all about a balanced diet. Although you might not agree with what he’s saying, many people have tried and tested his plan, and came out the other side feeling great.

            Please, have a think about your next article. Dont hate on other people, its petty and I’m sure you’re a better person than this.

            Everyone else – opinions are like arseholes – every body has one.

          • So people spreading hate for Donald Trump need pity, because he has done well for himself? That’s a tragic reason for me not to have an opinion on what he does. I wasn’t hating on people, I was hating on his plan and his work, not those who choose to follow it.

        • I don’t agree with this article but actually this comment was really nasty – Lydia doesn’t look ‘porky’ at all and body shaming a young woman is worse than anything Lydia has written in this article…

          • Thank you Laura, I understand you might not agree with the article but I really respect that you’re a bigger person with your opinions than trolls like Andrew who call young women names over the internet. Thank you for not being anything like them x

          • I don’t get your point then… why do you only hate his plan? And not the people who chose to follow it?…. they’re all doing what you hate- having a non-vegan diet.

            I also don’t get your Donald Trump reference…

          • Joe Wicks inspires and promotes eating animal products to millions of people. When you have such a large social responsibility you shouldn’t promote foods that destroy the environment, murder animals and fuck up peoples bodies. His plan is as bad as every other similar ‘get rich quick’ plan. The people who follow are misled day in day out by not just Joe Wicks but the media, their parents, peers, the government etc.

          • Because he’s the one making money out of unethical and unhealthy recipes and plans. The reference was because you said I shouldn’t go against what Joe was saying because he had made a success for himself, I was saying that’s an awful reason not to criticise someone, does that mean I can’t criticise or disagree with other famous people? E.g. disgusting people like Donald Trump

  24. Possibly one of the worst articles I’ve read this year. I really don’t understand haters. Why don’t you try and educate people from your point of view rather than slate meat. There is a much better way to convey your point than this.

    • Oh wow, honoured it was so high on your list! This isn’t a hate article against everyone that follows his plan, it’s against Joe himself. There is tons of educational information in this article, but you probably skimmed by it and only interpreted it as slating meat.

  25. So vegans dont get cancer?

    The inuit tribes must be in big trouble!
    Everything in balance

    Yes joe has some questionable thoughts but he has people moving!

    Does being vegan give absolute cancer free?

    • Unfortunately, everyone and anyone can get cancer. The point of this is, eating meat gives you MORE of a chance of getting it. So smoking in balance is okay too? He has people moving, so his pockets get fuller with their money!

      You can never guarantee being absolutely cancer free. But just like smokers are more likely to get lung cancer than non smokers, people who eat meat are more likely to get cancers such as colon than people who don’t eat meat.

  26. Haters gonna hate. There is a tailored veggie plan as well. Man I hate self righteous vegetarians.

    FYI I’m a veggie and a successful Graduate of the veggie plan.

  27. People should be aware your article is wrong on many levels and I just want to question your motives for writing such an imbalanced negative review. You hate animal cruelty, don’t eat meat anymore and like cycling. I like cycling too but don’t detest people who drive 4x4s. Maybe I should? I don’t think society is going to give up eating meat just like that and I don’t see you equally protesting about steak restaurants or nandos in as passionate way as you protest about joe wicks. You might give him the benefit of the doubt (no doubt really) that this book and plan was written before the WHO report came out in October 2015. You might have chosen to review his plan for vegetarians rather than crucify him for promoting meat. Quite frankly your attitude to meat eaters is comparable to the narrow mindedness of a homophobe. You are all but accusing him of being hitler and writing mein kampf. I love the irony of having an imitation English breakfast at fortify cafe on another page by the way. Live and let live please. He is encouraging and helping people, some of whom are unhealthily obese, to improve their lives. These people won’t start eating grass and bananas tomorrow. They will still eat eggs and meat. But no sugar and no manufactured cereal is a start. They might stop going to subway. Are you qualified to be so critical? Are to an athlete because you completely misinterpret his approach to exercise and when to eat carbs (you have more in common with him than you think). I am one of the people who has completed his plan and thanks to him I am in considerably better shape that I was and more importantly less likely to have a heart attack in the next 10 years I hope. And you completely under value his promotion of vegetables. Keep the irony coming. Don’t create a website for cranks. Thank you.

    • My motives are to show people that behind his smiley persona there are a LOT of things that he is doing wrong, and that what he promotes is harmful. I don’t detest people that drive 4x4s either, don’t know why you would assume that I do. I wish I had the time and effort to go through every single restaurant that serves meat, but oddly enough, I do actually have a life. Joe’s book is just a gleaming example of what is wrong with the diet industry, and I wanted to write about him after seeing my own parents waste their money on his book. So you’re saying that he would continue exploiting and making money off of people after the WHO report came out, even if he knew the damage meat does?

      The narrow mindedness of a homophobe? That is disgusting to say. To consider that me not agreeing with someone for eating meat is comparable with someone making someones life a misery for something that they CANNOT control is horrible. Being gay and eating meat are utterly different things, you are are trying to make yourself out to be a victim by saying so. What a childish comparison to make. Don’t undermine the damage that homophobes do.

      How is having an imitation English Breakfast ironic? I had a delicious breakfast with absolutely 0 cruelty involved, and that was a million and one times healthier than the regular alternative. Are vegans not allowed to eat mock meats? Or shall we just eat ‘grass and bananas’ which is all you seem to think we can eat.

      If you think that sugar and cereal are what is fuelling this obesity epidemic then you need to educate yourself. I truly hope you are healthy and not at risk from a heart attack, but following his plan will not help you achieve that in the long term. Get some tests, see what your health is truly like if you are concerned. He can promote vegetables as much as he likes, but when they’re accompanied by the food he focuses his meals around, they’re all but pointless. Don’t tell me how to run my website. Thanks.

      • The point I am making and you are missing is people are different to you and not everyone is perfect. Not everyone who wrote a book, an article, or spoke in public always considered every angle. His opinion of making a healthy choice is different to yours. You are right it’s not a perfect diet but it’s a transformational diet not a way of life diet. People still drive cars and we breathe carcinogenic air on the street all the time. The WHO wrote about that in 2013. Some people earn a living promoting cars. Life goes on just about. Cancer is horrendous and its rational to try to avoid it but a guy promoting a 30-90 day diet that includes eating a lot of meat isn’t trying to give people cancer or acting massively irresponsibly and it’s not as bad as smoking cigarettes or else government policy is missing a trick. We’ll see if subway ads are banned (I’m sure we both agree at least they should be) and I totally agree the world would be better without mass meat production. We should eat less meat because it’s wasteful of resources and there are many healthier ways to live our lives. Good luck living yours. Sorry if I offended you, you write in quite a hyperbolic way so I was responding in kind. No offence intended.

      • I think you’ll find that it is sugar that is fuelling the obesity epidemic actually so you might want to educate yourself as well.

        It’s a truly terrible article that you have written. Joe Wicks promotes healthy fats, eggs along with plenty of vegetables, he minimises fruit consumption and encourages exercise. I could also do my own research and find that everything he promotes is backed up with evidence.

        He generally promotes lean meat such as chicken, fish etc. He certainly doesn’t tell you to eat cheese everyday. He also doesn’t promote low carb, he suggests the correct way to fuel your body, so if you’re exercising then follow it with some carbs to refuel.

        I’d be interested to see how healthy your diet is, with your mock meat – wow super processed, sounds delicious!

        • Oh god, you genuinely believe that sugar is what makes 62% of the UK population overweight or obese. Sugar is not what make you fat, fats, saturated fats and sodium are what gets so many people overweight.

          Healthy fats are obviously needed, but these are all found in nuts, seeds, avocados and the like, not chorizo and cheese.

          Eggs are entirely unnecessary, high in cholesterol and cruel, he even encourages people to have up to six in one recipe!

          Minimises fruit consumption? My opinion of him has got even lower! How the hell is that encouraging a healthy lifestyle, because fruit has sugar? But it’s okay because you’ve got his recipes with bacon, milk and processed meats?

          For every meal with ‘lean’ meat, there are more with red and processed meat, covered in even more harmful foods such as oil and cheese. He most certainly promotes low carb, take one look at his online profile and it’s all he seems to promote. Along with a low carb section in his book, it seems carbs are his enemy.

          I can guarantee that my diet is much healthier than those who follow this nonsense. Mmm, processed meat, without all the sodium, fat and cancer causing properties of regular meat! Oh, no animals had to die and the environment will thank me for it too.

          • yes your diet is healthier as all you eat is grass. Or is that classed as murder or destruction of the planet?

            You need to loose the horrible negative attitude then maybe just maybe people will be more civil to you.
            Your article came across as a full blown attack on Joe as a person and what he has worked hard to achieve.

            You may not agree with what he does for a living or promotes but there is no need for the aggression. If people are willing to sign up for the plan then so be it. Spouting off hate about something is just going to draw more attention to it in the long run making more people aware.

            I love doing this plan, its got me moving and active and I hope in the long run more confident. I am eating a heck of a lot better before, everything I cook is fresh (and ive not had a single bit of cream, chirzo, sausages) I’ve eaten fresh vegetables, fresh greens and freshly cooked meats. The only oil I cook with is coconut oil and thats a tiny amount.
            What would you rather me do, go back to eating take outs/sweets and no exercise or do what you do and live off air? I think I know which one will kill me first and it wont be the takeaways and sweets…..

          • Ah yes, a grass joke. Funny! I was writing about something that angers me, why should I be positive about him? I was always civil. Once again, this wasn’t an attack on the people that follow it, and it’s odd how touchy they get about his ‘hard work’ and how defensive they are. I’d rather you just didn’t eat animals honestly, much healthier than both of those options.

          • You’re a bellend seriously! You really should research the dangers of sugar.


            Yes if I had cheese and chorizo for every meal I wouldn’t be very healthy but he’s not advocating that! One meal out of hundreds in his books.

            You probably want to do a little more reading on fruit as well. He advocates many many vegetables to be consumed with every single meal and advises eating fruit after you’ve trained so that you’re using the sugar/energy from it efficiently. Obviously fruit is better than a high fat snack still.

            You might feel eggs are cruel but personally I see them as fuel! As is all food. I enjoy eating eggs, and I’m sure there are some things you enjoy eating that might also be considered ‘unnecessary’

            Please read again, carbs are not the enemy he quite clearly has carb refuel meal including wait for it….carbs in his meals. He uses food as fuel and so advises against carbs when you’re not working out. For his plan to work you need to be exercising which is brilliant in itself.

            Have you actually read his books???

            I don’t have any ethical views whatsoever so killing animals to eat them is perfectly fine for me. You’re never going to convert me to being a vegan which is a really. The trouble with you is that you can’t accept any bodies opinion other than your own wrong one

          • I gave up trying to rationalise with you after ‘killing animals to eat them is perfectly fine’. Go and call some other blogger a bellend online than spamming the comments on my page.

          • I seriously think you need to do some research into the harmful effects of sugar then!
            It’s common knowledge (at last) that sugar is killing us far more than fats, meats, carbohydrates or anything else, hence the increase in diabetes.
            Also if you do your research properly before writing such rubbish you would learn that how sugar is metabolised by the body and that the excess is stored as, guess what? FAT!!!!!

          • I don’t need to say it to others because they’re not!

            You’re infuriating with your responses to people, you basically don’t agree with Joes books/plan because he uses meat in them not because of health issues related to the recipes.

            For me, killing animals or breeding them for food is fine. For you it is not. I’m sorry that we don’t share the same ethical view point but I’m not spamming you just trying to inform you of facts relating to diet. As the person above also states the harmful effects of sugar.

            What is your diet exactly then that is so healthy?

      • Your link refers to high quantities of red meat. Yet your post refers to a couple of meals. Furthermore, why mention eggs? In 2010 a famous study took place which confirmed eggs have no effect of cholesterol. Studies before 2010 were conducted on rabbits and rats. Whilst I understand concerns regarding red meat (especially fatty red meat) – what you say about eggs is nonsense. This is a recipe book, it is not Joe’s plan. Well done, you’re a vegan – now stop judging everyone who isn’t.

        • So would you like it better if I spent my time including every single recipe he’s ever created? Or would that still not be enough for you? As for eggs, why does Michael Gregers ongoing research from as recent as 2015 still demonstrate how harmful eggs can be? Especially when the majority of Joes recipes call for eggs and in large amounts, I saw a recipe yesterday that required SIX eggs. Yes this is a recipe book. His recipe book, which he publishes recipes from on his FB, Instagram, and is one of the main parts of his business. I’m not judging Joe because he’s not a vegan, I’m judging him because these recipes are downright awful.

  28. I’ve been following 90 day sss plan which is totally different to his books. I am also a vegetarian who’s cholesterol has been reduced as a result. Unfortunately cancer attacks everyone a friend of mine who just happens to be a vegan was taken way too early by this horrendous disease. I don’t judge anyone who eats meat or follows a vegan diet just because it’s different to my lifestyle it’s their choice. Would all diet related books that have meet and eggs also get such a negative review? I have been eating avocados regularly and my cholesterol has still been reduced. You are of course entitled to your opinion as I am mine but just wanted to have a say in this debate as a veggie on this plan. You might find some ingredients disgusting but for many this plan has helped a lot of people kick the sugar craving convenience eating non exercising lifestyle and for that I respectfully don’t agree with your review.

    • So sorry to hear about your friend Andrea, cancer recently took my uncle and I know it’s a horrible thing to go through. What makes this diet book different to others I think are the bold promises and the sheer amount of meat, dairy and eggs that are featured. I saw a recipe recently that called for a staggering 6 eggs! Fantastic to hear you are veggie though! I agree it may help people kick the lazy sugar craving convenience not exercising lifestyle, but replacing that with recipes like those I suggested is almost one step forward and another step back.

      • You, Lydia Hunter need to understand Lean in 15 is not a ” Diet Book” it is a recipe book with a view of eating better than some do already. I have completed his 90day sss plan and thanks to it i am now a regular gym goer and never was before i eat better than i ever have. My diet regime is a lot of fish vegetables and Chicken ( sorry you can hate me for that). You are entitled to your opinion, they are like arseholes everyone has one!!! Over the years there have been 1001 “scientific studies” of certain food groups then 5 years later out it comes that ” actually its not that bad” and the foods we all swapped it for is now the bad party. You have come across as quite aggressive in the original post, i have only commented as someone on the Lean in 15 group posted your article on FB and there have been PLENTY of Vegans that have replied on the group. Perhaps you should take the time to read it…

        • It is a recipe book, that’s selling point is to make people lose weight and get lean. In my eyes, that’s a diet book. So we should ignore these scientific studies? If I’m being told eating meat contributes towards getting cancer then I’m not touching it with a barge pole! Just like being told smoking causes lung cancer! I don’t think I could view that post as I wouldn’t be a member of the lean in 15 group

  29. Ha ha! This is funny I’d like to see your scientific evidence to back up the claims that joes recipes will give you cancer in 10! Please name your sources – otherwise this is Just your (wrong) opinion. I’ve just eaten one of his recipes- organic chicken, with peppers spinach and pomegranate- delicious and good for me!!

    • Not particularly funny considering meat is a known carcinogenic as by the World Health Organisation…

      Not only that but is a large contributor to heart disease which has a 50% chance of being your cause of death (only a few % for me though!)

      As for the chicken, organic still means the chickens are treated like shit in horrendous conditions. Enjoy the cruelty, antibiotics and cancer. Bon apetit Anna!

      • Lol organic free rage chickens are not treat like shit and actually have great conditions – go check it out before you make comments that are just untrue.

        Meat, wine, the environment, sorry but everything causes cancer now a days. Stay healthy move your body, eat protein, carbs and veg – all of which our bodies are made to eat! don’t rant at people because they don’t have the same lifestyle as you and you may enjoy the life as long or short as it may be!

        • The comment was far from untrue Animals are treated horrendously no matter what the label is and so what even if they were treated well? Would you like to be ‘treated well’ before you had your throat slit or you were suffocated to death? Nothing about eating animals is humane or ‘nice’

          The only reason we talk about it in this way is because it will massively help the environment, the animals and peoples health if people become vegan. There’s no reason to eat meat or animal products and therefore no one should.

          • Nat, I’m sorry but that is not true

            I know farms and people that keep chickens – yes .. Ultimately they die but while they’re alive they have a wonderful life! I’m afraid that unfortunately ( for you ) not everyone in the world will be vegan so as one I would encourage you to support people to make more appropriate and ethical decisions when eating meat rather than chastise people for their diet decisions!

          • Rubbish! Humans are genetically designed to be omnivores and eat a diet mixed with plants and meat!
            Your opinion that “no one should eat meat or animal products” is as bad as me saying everyone should eat meat with every meal!
            I respect everyone’s choice of lifestyle, each to their own as far as I’m concerned, but what REALLY winds me up is when others can’t have have the same respect and try to ram their evangelical lifestyle decisions into others!

        • This article is not about ranting at the people who follow his plans, it’s directed at Joe himself. If he knows meat is a class 1 carcinogen, when does he encourage so many people to eat it? Please show me where an organisation as large as the WHO has shown wine or the environment to prove cancer like meat does. Meat is on par with cigarettes nowadays.

          Free range chickens have great conditions? Does this look like the kind of place you would like to live?

  30. It is obvious you will not like the book nor his plan since you are vegan..It worked for me as for many others. I am now lean and healthier than I ever was, so where is the high cholesterol and cancer??

    • You can be a skinny chain smoker and claim to be lean, but are you healthy? Will your ‘health’ you’ve gained from this be long term? How do you know you are healthier, do you have tests to prove? What will happen after eating these foods for a continuous amount of time? You don’t get high cholesterol and cancer overnight, they’re diseases developed after eating food like this all your life.

  31. What you haven’t shown with your screen shots of the recipes is the circle at the bottom which tells you the veg he suggests you eat with it!

    • So if you smoke a pack of cigarrettes and then have some broccoli, it’s okay right? Just because he includes veg doesn’t make it okay, it doesn’t cancel out any of the disgusting things he’s suggesting you eat.

      • This is pathetic. It’s like arguing about whether blonds are better than brunettes. You, dear “extremely well educated student” lydia, sign up to some good course about how to accept other people around you. Eating meat is nothing disgusting. You are disgusting just for saying that. How bloody dare you. I wish joe wicks educate you well soon. You will end up with cancer soon for the amount of soya, soya beans etc. you putting to you pathetic little mouth just to get at least a trace of collagen so u dont look twice as old than you are.

        • Except eating meat is disgusting. It’s been told to us time and time again that our meat obsession is destroying both the environment and our health, as well as it obviously being extremely cruel. Sounds pretty disgusting to me, doesn’t it? Hardly think I’m disgusting for just pointing it out, or I should be asked ‘how bloody dare you’. If you think soya is what gives you cancer then you’re delusional. Not only is it what livestock eat so by your reasoning you’ll get cancer too, but meat is clearly the more harmful food compared to a soya bean. Haven’t heard of anyone getting heart disease or developing obesity from eating much tofu yet either, odd that isn’t it? Also if I need collagen (which at 19 I’m 100% sure I’m not yet lacking in), I’m certain I’ll get plenty through vegetables, berries, soy and citrus fruits, all in the top 8 sources of collagen.

          • My wife who was a vegan been taken away from us by cancer. Soya soya soya. You are dangerous to population end off.

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