JUST To Launch Lab-Grown Chicken Later This Year

just launch clean lab grown chicken meat

JUST (formerly Hampton Creek) CEO Josh Tetrick has confirmed the clean-meat brand will launch lab-grown chicken to consumers later this year.

Speaking at CeBIT, a technology conference in Germany, Tetrick explained the process of creating lab-grown meat.

Hampton Creek Debut Vegan Just Scramble

“Think about what we believe to be basic rights—freedom of speech, everyone deserves the right to have an education,” Tetrick explained.

“These are basic rights that most people agree with, and I think eating well, just eating food that is good for us, that is not depleting to the environment—I think that should be a basic right, too.”

“In the animal kingdom, we can take a cell from that animal, without killing the animal, feed it nutrients and then grow it, or brew it in the way you might brew beer,” Tetrick continued.

“So there’s a big toolkit in nature that we can use to make all sorts of products and big categories better, and we have to do it as fast as we can.” 

While lab-grown meat is developed in a lab environment, it is not vegan. The clean-meat is created by taking a small number of animal cells from an animal without killing it and then growing those cells into a product that resembles meat.

Lab-meat still contains real animal cells and maintains the negative health implications that come with eating a meat-based diet. However, lab-grown meat has the potential to drastically reduce the environmental impact of animal agriculture.

Lab-grown meat now presents an interesting concept in which those who refuse to convert to a plant-based diet can now eat more ethical meat which has a far lesser impact on the environment.

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