Kate Hudson Vegan Diet Clears Her Acne!

kate hudson vegan diet

It’s no secret that veganism can work wonders for your skin. Cutting out dairy is one of the best ways to clear up inflammation and spots, and celebs are starting to realise this.

Kate Hudson went vegan last summer, and claims that her skin is now the best that it has ever been.

“When I went vegan last summer, my skin was the best it’s ever been—skin tone, pores, everything,”

Hudson also claims that the paleo diet did the opposite to her skin, not surprising seeing as it’s a diet filled with meats and fish, with limited/no carbs.

Not only is cutting out dairy one of the reasons veganism is so good for your skin, but because your body is receiving all the necessary nutrients. Your skin reflects your inside, so when you are well fed and healthy, your skin will portray that.

There has been case after case of veganism clearing up even the worst of acne. You don’t have to follow a strict, celeb Kate Hudson vegan diet to reap the rewards of clear and healthy skin.

Simply cut out the dairy, keep hydrated and exercise regularly. In fact, sweating is good for the skin, opening pores and releasing the build up within them.

The majority of the population are lactose intolerant, so it’s not surprising that so many people suffer from spots and acne. If you ever need another reason to go vegan, why not be inspired and give a Kate Hudson vegan diet a try?

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