Kayla Itsines Review- The Dark Truth Of The Bikini Body Guide

kayla itsines review

Kayla Itsines Review

Now this isn’t going to be positive. What would a Kayla Itsines review be without starvation, eating disorders and suffering all involved? Bluntly put, Kayla Itsines has no care for your health.

The only health she cares about is that of her bank account.


I know most people are out to make a buck, but when you put the physical and mental health of thousands of young girls at risk, trying to promote a bikini body guide, you’re pretty selfish.

Anyways, here’s our Kayla Itsines review.

The workouts

Surprisingly, people have branded the workouts as ‘life changing’. Last time I checked, Kayla recommends you do a few bursts of exercises such as mountain climbers and squats. Some of the most simple and basic exercise. Nothing ‘life changing’ there. You might burn a few calories, but fitness? I think not.

A vegan lifestyle is by far the most healthy for a human being.

Squats, crunches, press ups. You name it, there’s a FREE Youtube video showing you how to do it. As such, it’s mind boggling how people are willing to pay almost $70 for one of the ‘guides’.


Now, how can a guide that promotes eating meat, dairy and eggs be considered healthy? Lets just take a minute and really go through the ‘healthy foods’ being suggested. We’ll get onto some of the dietary specifics.


I thought this bit might be at least a little more promising than the rest of her recommendations. However, Kayla simply recommends to drink around 8 cups of water per day. Yes, we know this is the government recommended amount, but with exercising you’re going to want to drink plenty more than that.

The real advice Kayla should be giving is that you should be urinating every couple of hours and that it should be a clear yellow. Any darkness to the urine and you know you should be drinking more!

Unfortunately, Itsines also recommends coffee as an alternative to water. Coffee is a diuretic.

It dehydrates you. Not to mention, coffee also causes adrenal fatigue, essentially causing our bodies adrenal glands to burn out.


Herbivores’ jaws move in a side to side motion during chewing and mastication. The jaws of carnivores are locked in place and move in a vertical motion. Carnivores also have long sharp canines to tear the flesh from a freshly hunted animal, humans have blunt, small canines with an abundance of molars.

That’s not all…

If you were to put a child in a room with an apple and a rabbit, would they start ripping into the rabbit with their teeth and eat the raw flesh? No. Every single time, they’d play and cuddle the rabbit while choosing to eat the apple.

We’re not carnivorous by nature, we’re simply lied to and misled into thinking we are.

This is why humans aren’t meat-eaters in ANY sense of the word.


Cholesterol. Cholesterol. And more cholesterol. Yep, dairy is packed with cholesterol. A single serving of milk can contain as much as 24g of it, whereas, it’s simply non-existent in a vegan diet.

Oh, and then there’s the cancer. Dairy is a known carcinogen. Ovarian, prostate, you name it, dairy most likely causes it.

This is only skimming the surface 

There’s the high saturated fat, increased chances of osteoporosis, acne and the weight gain associated with dairy. Weight gain because milk contains growth hormone. Growth hormone meant to increase the weight of a calf by 20 times, just imagine what that does to a human. This isn’t even mentioning all the antibiotics and pus in milk (yes pus, as in the white gunk in your pimples).

But let’s get to the main point.

Dog milk is for puppies, rat milk is for baby rats, horse milk for their foals. But what about cows milk?



Cows milk is for baby cows. No animal needs milk beyond the years of infancy and that includes fully grown adults. We have to be one of the dumbest species to think that we need to drink another species milk.

Then there’s how cruel the dairy industry is…


Why would you want to eat a chicken’s period? Most importantly, we don’t need to eat eggs.

346 million male chicks are simply discarded at birth as they provide no benefit to the farmers and industry. Specifically, a grinder is used in which the alive and fully conscious chicks are thrown in to spinning metal cogs and crushed. Or, alternatively, they’re left in small plastic bags while they suffocate to death.

Want to be part of that? Don’t eat eggs, choose compassion.

And then we have your health. Eggs are the leading cause of high cholesterol in the United States. They simply have a pro-inflammatory nature that affects the lining of our arteries, some studies have even shown eggs may be as bad as smoking in terms of arterial plaque build-up.

For more on why eggs are so horrendous click here. Or, if you want to know more about why they’re so bad for your health, try here!

The bottom line?

We were never meant to eat animal products and never should. Our bodies are completely herbivorous by nature. Don’t let Kayla or others trick you into thinking differently.

Oh, and we really haven’t got started on the environmental issues associated with animal products.


Low-fat or high-fat? I’m confused!

Digging a little deeper.

Kayla goes on to recommend a number of meals and details something of a suggested ‘meal guide’.

Considering those interested want to lose weight, slim down, tone up and achieve a healthier body, why is there a load of avocado included?

And olive oil?

And chicken?

And milk?

It’s basic research that needs to be carried out into each of these foods to realise they’re not something you should be recommending to this particular demographic. After all, Kayla should care about those she’s influencing.

Instead, recommend high carb, low fat with plenty of sugar! That way ‘Kayla’s Army’ would get the best results with NO starvation and feel solid as gold.

And let’s get onto the whole starvation thing…

1600 calories.

Thats what Kayla Itsines recommends.

She also recommends ’20 grapes’ or ’10 almonds’ as a snack.

Not only is this absolutely insane, it’s promoting orthorexia.

Just look at the girls commenting on a Kayla Itsines Reddit post.  “If I eat 1200 calories or so (to lose weight) I find it is difficult to keep up with and I end up binging. If I eat 1600 calories (to maintain my weight) I worry that I wont have any noticeable progress.”

Kayla’s put these poor girls in such a predicament where they don’t know whether to starve themselves, or essentially not eat at all.

1600 calories isn’t enough and 1200 is simply a death wish.

So, what’s wrong with all this calorie restricting nonsense?

Well, according to the United Nations, famine is declared when 20% of the population consumes 2,100 calories per day or less. Kayla recommends 1600, 500 less than that recommended. If that’s not ringing alarm bells you need to take a serious look at yourself.

If you want to be starving, malnourished and increase your chances of developing an eating disorder by all means, follow Kayla’s advice. But I’m assuming a few thing here:

  1. You go to school or have a job
  2. You want to maintain relationships
  3. You might have a family
  4. You want the energy to be fit and maintain an active lifestyle

So, how does Kayla think that’s possible on 1600 calories? Where will you be able to get any energy from?

The short answer is that she doesn’t care. As long as she’s getting plenty of progress pictures showing a bunch of slim girls, Kayla’s happy! After all, that only adds to her success right?

And to be fair to Kayla, she’s right in the fact starving yourself will shed the meat straight from the bones.

It’s not as simple as calories in, calories out.

It’s obvious that this will cut fat the quickest because there are 9g of fat per calorie as opposed to 4g of carbohydrates and protein. What’s important though, is that calorie restricting in such a way will only be damaging your vital organs. This is seriously important if you want to be healthy.

So does this form of calorie restricting work long term?

Hell no.

The amount of metabolic damage you’ll be doing to your body is huge, you’ll be fisting your thyroid and depleting your energy constantly.

I will lay every cent I have, that 95% of those that follow the Bikini Body Guide, will blow out massively after starving themselves.

Why though?

Because their bodies are in a panic, the only goal is to store as much food as possible to ensure survival. This is why we see massive weight gain after overcoming eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. The way to achieve a slim, healthy and fit body doesn’t begin and end with starving yourself.

Let’s look at a real life example.

The Great Starvation Experiment- The Study That Changed The World

The Great Starvation Experiment was conducted just after the Second World War. A group of male participants were gathered and were fed a regular diet consisting of around 3,200 calories daily.

Following this, the men entered a starvation phase. It 6 months and they were restricted to 1600 calories (yes, this is what Kayla advises).

During the period the men endured a large number of both physical and psychological stresses:

  • Significant increases in depression, hysteria and hypochondriasis. In fact, in one case the depression and emotional distress was so extreme, they self-mutilated, cut three fingers off to be exact. Hmmm, perhaps it’s no wonder calorie restricters and dieters are a NIGHTMARE to be around. Have you ever tried? They can sometimes act completely insane.
  • Signs of social withdrawal, isolation and sexual disinterest. (HINT- to be great in bed, carb up!)
  • A reported decline in concentration, judgement and comprehension.
  • Some participants began to experience edema in the extremities of their bodies. This was most likely due to the lack of plasma in their bodies red blood cells. After all, the ability to construct key proteins such as albumin hinges upon the energy intake.
  • The participants basal metabolic rate also saw a harsh decline. Notably, resting heart rate dropped by an average of 2o beats per minute along with a reduction in body temperature and a change in respiratory rates. This was the body attempting to slow the mens’ metabolisms down, in a last plight to save as many calories as possible.
  • Participants reported feeling cold all the time.
  • Perhaps one of the worst reported side effects was that the hearts of all participants reduced in size along with a blood volume reduction of 10%.
    As we know our blood carries oxygen to our muscles which allows us to perform exercises, both complex and simple. How does Kayla think our bodies will be able to transport oxygen and produce energy on only 1600 calories while exercising and functioning in life?

Why does this matter?

The main takeaway here is that this is the diet Kayla is prescribing. A low calorie, low energy diet that achieves slimming results, fast. So fast in fact, that soon enough you’ll be trying to crawl out of an anorexic hole.


That or binging out on food and piling the weight back on. In fact, the men studied, binged until the point of sickness with some even having to be admitted to hospital in order for their stomachs to be pumped. And people think young girls should be under the same advice? That’s insane! Kayla’s advice is not sustainable.

What Livestrong says on weight gain post starvation
 “The long-term effects are counterproductive. Your body responds to starvation by slowing down metabolism. The body thinks you are entering a state of famine, where food is unavailable. It slows your body’s processes in an effort to conserve what energy it has stored — in other words, it holds onto fat.”

All the mens bodies were in panic and were engaged in a desperate fight to survive. Thousands of girls should not have to endure the same.

Head over here to read more on The Great Starvation Experiment.


To maintain a consistently slim and healthy body you need to only solution that works long term. No health problems, no starving, high abundance and virtually all you can eat. For more on that, scroll to the bottom!


If you want to develop an eating disorder, starve your body and feel terrible then I HIGHLY recommend buying Kayla Itsines guides. That being said, regardless of how many honest and truthful reviews there are of Kayla Itsines, she’s a good manipulator meaning young girls will continue to follow her advice. Now I know this isnt a glowing Kayla Itsines review. But someone had to say it.

Is she really qualified to be advising such things? Probably not! Her methods are dangerous and only in place to quickly improve her image and reputation. Unlike her, I’m not writing this for financial gain.

Kayla wants your money plain and simple, the more ‘results’ posted on Instagram, the more money she makes and the health of more girls damaged.

kayla eating disorder

It’s such a shame to see someone who influences so many people worldwide, with millions of Instagram followers and a large following, promote cruelty, poor health and disease. Imagine if Kayla instead used this influence to spread a vegan message, promoting compassion, kindness and true health. A real, sustainable lifestyle as opposed to a simple starvation diet.

These are the types of role models we don’t need in a community that is so trusting and as a result, it’s especially disappointing to see more and more people exploit those who are yet to know any better.

A better alternative

Being around a community that has a high level of fitness, energy and health, it’s obvious Kaylas guide is not the answer.

So what is the answer?

Be a high carb vegan.

And why high carb vegan?

High carb means plenty of energy, and you need a stack loads of energy to build fitness and burn fat. After all, carbohydrates are what our bodies use to burn fat. Eating plenty, no restrictions of calories and trying to get 10g of carbs for every kilo of bodyweight to ensure adequate carb intake is the ideal method. To feel extra fine try to get at least one whole meal from fruit too.

This lifestyle is especially beneficial if you’re coming from a background of calorie restricting or eating disorders. The optimal number of daily calories to ensure adequate rehabilitation is 4000. Now, 4000 calories eating meat, dairy and eggs?


Well, unless you want to massively increase your chances of heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, osteoporosis and a host of other diseases.

For more on that click here.

A high carb, low fat diet means you’ll never overeat because it’s literally impossible, high carb revitalises the energy and allows your body to heal and thrive again.

If you need additional help changing your lifestyle or want more information, simply contact us or post in the comments below.


  1. I totally believe Kayla’s workout plan is a scam in terms of how much it costs and how simple the exercises are. As i started reading this I was happy to see somebody who agreed with me!

    And then I read further.

    I’m so horrified people like this author exist.

    The ONE thing Kayla does right is her eating plan. She does offer alternative guides if you are vegetarian ya know, and the rest of us eat meat and WANT TO. So your bizarre cuckoo nut-out over her inclusion of meat and dairy is completely irrelevant. To be a vegan is you subjective ethical/moral belief and you can not! inflict it on anyone else.

    As for fats- healthy fats are great and essential for healthy nerves and tissues. Eating healthy fats helps me sleep a lot better at night, gives me loads of energy and satisfaction PLUS keeps me fuller for longer.

    I don’t demonise carbs either, I think they are essential. But you are actually pushing a…sugar loaded diet? You’re nuts or stupid or both.

    Anyone who demonises a food group is unhealthy and that is exactly what you do with fats. Shame on you. It’s actually that sort of thinking that leads to eating disorders.

    Kayla simply teaches portion control and balance. Things society desperately needs to learn.

    Yes you must count fruit. Fruit is traditionally SEASONAL and is loaded with sugar so it definitely should be kept strict track of.

    Last point. RECOMMENDED DIET INTAKE FOR A WOMAN LOSING WEIGHT IS 1200cal. Google it! It is the most recommended starting place! It is slightly restrictive but in no way going to “starve” you. If you’re exercising you need more. 1600 is very reasonable. If you want a great body. If you just want an average body that’s fine eat more then that but jesus, saying it’s so restrictive that it’s basically promoting starvation is just A DOWNRIGHT LIE.

    I’ll end this by saying I totally don’t support Kayla as her prices are ridiculous for the most simple and oldest exercises in the book. But I eat how she recommends (I’ve been doing it for years) I’ve got tons of energy, feel great, NEVER feel hungry and i’m very happy with my figure.

    Anyone reading this remember the author is not the sharpest tool in the shed. That is for sure.

    • Oh dear, I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone so delusional about healthy eating.

      People need to be eating more sugar, fat is the reason there’s an obesity epidemic. 1600 calories is starving yourself. If everyone had a sugar loaded diet, there would be a lot fewer obese people and a lot more people with increased energy. Kayla still promotes eating animal products, it’s 2016, wake up. I feel sorry for you that you want to eat animal products, how cruel of you.

      The worst thing of all is that you think you get energy from fat…

      Please show me all the fat Asians and Africans living off a high carbohydrate diet. Kenyan runners eating butter and lard to win Olympic gold? Nope. They’re eating rice, corn and ugali. HIGH carb.

      Recommended calorie intake for losing weight maybe 1200 calories but is this healthy? No. Is there more healthy, better ways to reach an optimal weight? Yes. High carb (aka high energy) low fat (aka FAT). Why do doctors continue to promote this? Because they know no better, most doctors are obese and out of shape themselves.

  2. You say eggs and dairy are bad, and we shouldn’t eat them. Man has been eating them for a long time, and it appears that these health concerns you say are linked to these protein sources are the root. Perhaps it’s not maybe it could be that these sources are not produced the same way the were before, maybe corporations have started screwing us more and more and have sold us to buy battery chicken eggs and abused cow milk while pushing margins higher and higher. What is your take on free range milk and eggs ? I’ve been to both commercial battery farms, vs small private farms where their animals are treated like loved pets. I’ve tasted the milk and ate the eggs. Tastes to not compare.

  3. Whatever , it all sounds a little too extreme to me. I eat meat and I like it. Since you ate bacon before you probably know what I mean. Not everyone can forsake meat and of course it’s sad what they do , but I grew up on a farm and we never mistreated our animals. And I’m not a huge Kayla freak like you paint us all out to be, but the guides are useful to encourage excercise and any is better than none, they are also not easy. This is really a very negative post and I don’t get why you have such a hate against Kayla . Just let people live their lives, you can not dictate to everyone what they should eat just because it’s not healthy . People do plenty of non healthy things like drink and smoke or do drugs or whatever , you should write about that . Totally bias and totally propaganda .

  4. If you had actually looked into this you would know the guides also recommend LISS 3x per week which can be cycling,swimming,jogging etc so please don’t make the assumption that most women doing Thr guides don’t have any cardio ability. The BBG community is extremely positive and supportive. Even if you disagree with the meal plans how can you be against something that brings so many women together in a positive way?!

  5. Yeah, because Kayla’s body and all the incredible BBG transformations look soooo unhealthy *eyeroll*
    Someone clearly needed a readership boost.

  6. I actually have never read a more biased review in my whole life! So just because she allows people to eat meat and dairy in their diet it means her guides aren’t healthy and promote anorexia and eating disorders? Are you even reading what you’re typing. This is a horrific review and you are clearly putting down the whole community who works so hard at encouraging each other in leading a healthy lifestyle. No where in Kaylas guides does it say you have to stick to the plan and she clearly explains in the education section that if you feel hungry then you must eat and never starve yourself.
    People who write reviews like these are not usually narrow minded, I feel like maybe you should try a different hobbie and stop being so single minded. Have you ever had a look at the research of how vegetarians affects the animals of the wild? Cutting down crops destroys millions of not billions of homes for the little animals of our world. But hey ho who cares when talking to someone as narrowmided as yourself?
    I suggest you try the guides first before stating its a little bit of squatting and lunging because clearly you have no idea.

    • Yes, because she ENCOURAGES people to eat meat and dairy, even when there’s such disgusting evidence proving how bad for your health and the environment it is. Did you even read the article? She also encourages people to calorie restrict and even count pieces of fruit, all which encourage eating disorder behaviour.

      I’ve got tons of hobbies thank you, maybe you should also find a hobbie other than praising Kayla like a God and getting so offended when someone doesn’t praise the ground she walks on. And don’t worry, I know that vegetarians and vegans DEFINITELY don’t contribute to animal suffering as much as those who eat meat do. You contribute to more cutting down of crops than I do, in order to make both food for the animals you eat, and also to store the animals too. So those ‘little animals’ you say I kill by killing down crops (HAHAH), remember that you kill way more. Not even including the animals you kill to eat too. This is the most idiotic argument I’ve ever heard against Veganism, and it’s just completely untrue.

      But hey ho, as long as you have Kayla the God to pray to, doesn’t matter your logic is completely flawed, does it? Take a look at your actions and the consequences they have, there’s more to life than Kayla Itsines money making scheme.

  7. … this article is not only rude but ridiculous. Obviously not everyone who does these guides has an eating disorder or is developing one. There is nothing wrong with eggs or dairy, and these workouts clearly work to build muscle so I don’t know why you would think they are ineffective. Now that I am doing these workouts I feel good about my body without restriction for the first time in years, and I am fitter and healthier. There’s no need to put something down just because it isn’t the way you would do it.

    • Nowhere was it stated everyone who follows the advice has an eating disorder. I only made it explicitly clear thatKayla unfortunately promotes aeating disorders by only reccomending eating 1600 calories a day. 1600 calories is classed as malnutrition and starvation. Take from that what you will…

      There’s everything wrong with eggs and dairy.

      Eggs contain a huge amount of cholesterol and both eggs and dairy are some of the largest carcinogens known to humans. Additionally, the amount of saturated fat in both has subsequently caused increasing levels of heart disease and other chronic illnesses due to the production of fatty deposits in the arterial lining. Heart disease is the highest cause of death in the USA.

      And then there’s the pus in milk, chemicals and acids. Milk has been shown to destroy your bones and heavily contribute to osteoporosis (aka brittle bone disease). Oh, and then there’s the increasing number of people with diabetes due to the high fat, high animal product diets they’re eating.

      Not to mention how cruel both the milk and egg industries are. Would you like to be raped, caged for 9 months and then have your child ripped away from you at birth? All while being milked to the point your udders swell and become infected? If you think there’s ‘nothing wrong’ with this then you’re one twisted human being.

      Then there’s eggs. You probably have a dog or cat and think they’re cute right? You’d never ever hurt them because they have feelings! Well, the same goes for chickens. At birth, male chicks in the egg industry are thrown into a grinder that crushes them while they’re still alive, all because they’re not needed. Do you really think they don’t feel the pain while their bone and flesh is crushed and torn from them? Maybe you should but your hand in a machine and let us know!

      Still ‘nothing wrong’ with milk and eggs?

      • You are totally nuts. I hope your venting all this rage productively. Otherwise I feel very sorry for the people forced to be around you day in and day out.

        • Rage because Kayla is promoting murdering and torturing thousands of animals every year or that she thinks girls should starve themselves to reach the body shape they want?

          Not rage, just education. I’m challenging your beliefs, no one wants to be told what they think they know is wrong.

          I hope you find the compassion and common sense inside you to do right.

  8. This article is absolute shit. I do the guides and I’m vegan and I am horrified by what you’re saying!! First of all you’ve clearly never done the guides if you think it’s just a “couple of squats and some push-ups”. Get a fucking grip and go and spread some positivity in the world, not hate!
    I’m all about being vegan, I love it and it’s great that you’re passionate about it but what the hell does that have to do with this fitness guide? You can select vegan as a dietary requirement and it gives you vegan meals, what’s the problem? That she gives people a CHOICE? As for promoting anorexia and orthorexia you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. These guides and this community promotes HEALTH, HAPPINESS, FITNESS and STRENGTH. If someone has a mental disorder which means they see food differently to everyone else, that is in no way Kayla’s fault and to blame someone for that is disgusting.

    • Hey! It’s a shame you’re so disillusioned by Kayla!

      Not hating, just sharing some honest comments and criticisms. You can’t be healthy if you aren’t eating vegan, there’s no two ways about it. The scientific research backing it up is abundantly clear that a plan-based diet is better for your health than any that includes animal products.

      Unfortunately, the advice Kayla gives DOES promote eating disorders. Actively encouraging girls to focus on only consuming 1600 calories a day is only pushing them towards anorexia. 1600 calories isn’t enough, it’s classed as starvation. There’s nothing healthy, positive or happy about that.

      Kayla in no way promotes health or fitness. As for happiness, I guess that just depends if you enjoy starving your body.

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