KFC Agrees To Meet Campaigners Over Shoreditch Wall Painting


Campaigners have painted a large, anti-KFC message onto a wall in East London. Now, KFC bosses have agreed to meet the activists.

The mural was created to encourage the fast food chain to improve animal welfare standards in their farms and is part of a World Animal Protection campaign.

Thousands of vegans march on London for animal liberation.

World Animal Protection Communications and Media Officer George White told Plant Based News: “The advert focused on the ‘whole chicken’. We want the whole picture from KFC.”

The campaign aims to raise signatures for a petition urging KFC to improve welfare standards, with White claiming it has been a resounding success.

He said: “We contacted KFC via an open letter, and we now have a meeting with them in the next few weeks.

“There are two points we want KFC to improve on.

“Firstly, they use fast growing breeds. The chickens grow so quickly, the growth causes problems like lameness. The animals are then slaughtered at six weeks old. We want KFC to switch to a slow growing breed.

“The second point is about space. When they get to six weeks old they only have about the size of an A4 sheet of paper. It’s not enough.”

The open letter, which was signed by the group’s UK Country Director Stephen Sibbald, said: “As an iconic global brand, we believe that KFC has an unparalleled opportunity to be a world leader on chicken welfare. 

“Major food brands are already showing that progress is possible, particularly in the US, where businesses such as Burger King have committed to meeting our campaign asks. You state that you take your responsibility to ‘people and the planet very seriously’ and that you ‘want to be honest about areas where we still have more work to do’. 

“We hope that these intentions extend to farm animals.”

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