Kim Jong-Un Encourages North Koreans To Eat ‘Superfood’ Dog Meat

kim jong-un

North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un, is encouraging its starving population to eat dog meat, claiming it as a ‘superfood’.

DPRK Today, a North Korean YouTube propaganda channel, announced that the meat has more vitamins than other animals.

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The government have also claimed that in order to improve taste, the dog should be beaten to death and it’s fur removed before “being scorched”.

As expected, it has angered animal rights activists both in South Korea and the rest of the world, as the country descends into further madness.

While eating a dog is ethically the same as eating a cow, chicken or pig, it often attracts more public anger as many have dogs as pets.

kim jong-un
North Korea has a growing number of starving orphan children.

Currently, North Korea is struggling with famine. Further sanctions are being put on by the UN and the country’s lack of fertile land has left hundreds of thousands starving.

North Korea hopes that by encouraging the population to eat dog, famine will be reduced.

While we can protest the advice given by the North Korean government, it’s unlikely any changes will be made.

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