Kings Of Leon Bassist Goes Vegan

Jared Followill has been following a strict plant-based diet for the past year.

kings of leon

Kings Of Leon bassist Jared Followill has recently confirmed via Twitter that he has been a strict vegan for the past year.

When asked by a fan why he decided to go vegan, he explained:

“It started for selfish reasons. My own health.”

“Then the more I got into it, the more I learned about how awful the factory farming system is for the animals, and most importantly, the planet we’re all supposed to live on.”

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Before the announcement, the 31-year-old musician had been using Twitter to promote animal rights and animal activism.

Sharing a video by The Humane League featuring pigs on their way to slaughter, he wrote; “This hurts me”.

He has also shared videos by PETA and The Dodo.

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