Kiwis Now Eat Nearly 50lbs Less Meat Per Person

less meat

According to Newstalk ZB, residents of New Zealand are consuming 44 pounds less meat per person than they did 10 years ago.

The New Zealand news outlet spoke to a local butcher, who believes that price is one of the main factors as to why consumers are buying less meat.

Demand For Meat-Free Products Increased By 987% In 2017

Stuff reports:  “There’s no escaping the reality of the environmental impact of agriculture. Collectively dairy, beef and sheep generate more than 97 percent of all agricultural greenhouse gas emissions in New Zealand and almost half of the total greenhouse emissions for the country.”

A 2016 ANZ Roy Morgan poll also revealed that around 1 in 10 Kiwis follow a vegetarian diet – which is a 27 percent increase in just five years.

Research firm KWP says: “The surge in vegetarian evening meals over the past year is down to the wider availability of products which make eating meat-free more attractive and practical,”

“Our ideas about what’s healthy are also changing—we’re more focused on foods that are natural and less processed and eating a varied diet.” 

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