‘Lab Fish’ Startup To Match Price Of Bluefin Tuna By 2019

lab fish

Food tech company ‘Finless Foods’ has announced they plan to make it accessible and cheap for customers to eat seafood without destroying the oceans.

Startup To Create Lab Grown Meat For Cats

The company, which uses fish cells to grow the fish meat, announced they will be able to match the price of bluefin tuna by 2019.

The lab-meat originally cost $19,000 per pound but has now reduced by roughly half, with the price expected to continue dropping.

“Initially, quantities will be limited,” Seldon told Foodnavigator USA, “and we’ll be working with chefs in high-end restaurants, doing some really interesting things just to spark a conversation and get the public to understand who we are—before going into grocery stores and other places.”

Seldon went on to explain that the company is currently closing a seed-funding round with investors who are interested in the future of food.

“But our ultimate goal is to bring the price down so that consumers can have a choice of cheap albacore or skipjack tuna—or our high-quality bluefin tuna, without any contaminants—for the same price.”

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