Lab-Made Leather Shirt Debuts In The US


The Museum of Modern Art, in New York City, is currently showing the world’s first bioengineered, animal-free leather clothing item.

It’s part of the “Items: Is Fashion Modern?” exhibit and is completely animal free, biofabricated leather. The exhibition is showing until January 28th.

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A sample of Modern Meadow’s biofabricated leather.

The shirt has been created by Brooklyn-based biotechnology firm Modern Meadow. According to VegNews, they: “grow fabric that is biologically identical to leather using a proprietary process that relies on yeast cell lines to produce animal-free collagen.”

“Our technology enables designers to explore materials in exciting new ways, enabling never-seen-before functionality, aesthetics, and performance possibilities,” Modern Meadow’s Chief Creative Officer Suzanne Lee.

“We are thrilled to be showcasing an example of our creative materials technology at MoMA, an institution respected worldwide for its dedication to design innovation and creative expression.”

Modern Meadow is also hosting a popup in Soho, New York, to showcase their full range of animal-free, leather garments

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