Labour Pledges To Ban Fur Imports Into The UK

The Labour Party banned fur farms back in 2000.


The Labour Party has announced that it has pledged to ban fur imports into the United Kingdom, following two separate petitions with more than 500,000 signatures.

Labour banned fur farming back in 2000, however, government figures show that the UK imported almost £75 million worth of fur last year alone.

Labour’s shadow chancellor John McDonnell told Newsbeat: “We should not have a fur trade that relies upon the suffering of animals abroad,” 

“We think there’s sufficient public pressure to force the government into banning the imports.”

He also said: “The fashion trade is developing. There’s opportunities for jobs in other parts of the fashion industry that people can now take up, so It is not a threat for jobs in the long run.”

“We are a civilised country we do not want to be importing fur based upon the brutal suffering of animals abroad.”

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Many luxury brands including Jimmy Choo, Michael Kors and Versace have all recently banned fur from their collections, however fur is still seen as a style luxury.

The British Fur Trade says its membership is growing with smaller independent designers choosing to use fur within their work.

Even with faux fur there can often be issues. High street and online stores such as Missguided have been criticised in the past for selling faux fur items that actually contain real fur.

The ban on the import of fur into the UK would arise as a result of the UK leaving the customs union during Brexit.

Currently, the UK cannot impose bans on the importation of animal fur from EU countries such as Italy, France, and Poland.

However, it is believed that a potential ban on fur imports could be a positive to come from Brexit.

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