Land Of Hope And Glory- The UK Earthlings


The film, created by Ed Winter (Earthling Ed), is attempting to expose the UK farming industry for what it really is. The film uses a similar technique to the shock-factor film Earthlings.

It features undercover footage from the inside of 100 different slaughterhouses across the United Kingdom, emphasising the point that cruelty and suffering are widespread.

Speaking about the movie, filmmaker Ed Winters said:

“For too long the British public have been lied to and misled about the state of UK animal farming.”

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“We are regularly told that we treat animals humanely in this country, but the reality is farms and slaughterhouses are a literal hell for animals who are treated as property, have their babies stolen from them, their bodies mutilated and are ultimately all mercilessly killed.”

“It’s time for us to recognise that there is no humane way to exploit and kill an animal that doesn’t want to die.”

According to their website:

“Through Land of Hope and Glory we aim to show the truth behind UK land animal farming by featuring the most up to date investigations as well as never before seen undercover footage, with a total of approximately 100 UK facilities featured throughout the film.” 

Click the video above to watch, or head over to Land of Hope and Glory’s website by clicking here.


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