Leeds Vegan Christmas Market | 2016


Leeds Vegan Christmas Market

Taking place in the town hall, the Leeds Vegan Christmas Market was bigger than ever. Attracting more than 5,000 people, the event saw a huge variety of people interested in the event.

The day spanned from 11am-5pm and hosted a variety of 150 different stalls selling everything from food to clothing and skincare. Along with that, there were talks and workshops with organisations such as Sea Shepherd and Viva! attending.

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Entry was only 3 pounds and anyone under 16 got in for free, with all proceeds being donated to animal welfare charities as all the staff were volunteers. Great to support a compassionate event!

There were SO many people there (yay!).┬áIn fact, there was a 15 minute queue to gain access to the venue and it lasted all day, showing that the demand for events like these is incredibly high. It seemed as though maybe it should’ve been held accross two days.

The next event to be hosted will be held at the First Direct Arena, a considerable upgrade in terms of size, meaning more people will be able to experience all the great things the stalls had to offer. Families with children will also be relieved as I know some struggled with the huge crowds. There were times you were unable to move and so I can imagine it might’ve been a bit distressing for some kids. That being said, the amazing organisers provided a great kids room and offered things like face painting and all day entertainment.

leeds vegan christmas market

leeds vegan christmas market
There were very large crowds.

I had a great time and the food was incredible. It’s nice to be able to attend an event and know that everything there is 100% vegan and cruelty free. These events are rare so you’ve got to enjoy them while you can. With the popularity of the Leeds Vegan Christmas Market, it will hopefully show other organisers just how much demand there is for events like these and supporting the vegan message.

If you missed this one (and yes, you should feel incredibly jealous that you did) don’t fret, there will be more! In the meantime, there are many other ways to support the vegan message. Eat out at your local vegan restaurants or support small vegan clothing brands.

The food was incredible!

Hopefully see you at the next one!


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