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Speak to any vegan or person who’s into fitness or lifting, and chances are that at some point in time they have tried a Lenny and Larry’s cookie. Vegan, Non-GMO and packed with protein, not only are they addictive and delicious snacks, but also a key part in helping those into fitness.

I first tried Lenny and Larry’s when they were on sale in a vegan cafe, one cookie later, and I was hooked. Sure these aren’t exactly the kind of snacks you wanna be getting through on a regular basis, as they’re still cookies after all, but when you’re vegan and burning calories through sport, you can justify treating yourself once in a while.

Although some non-vegans who have tried them have exclaimed they taste like biscuits for babies, I’m yet to find a vegan who doesn’t love them! A little odd, but just leaves more for us I guess.

Our Favourite Flavours

    1. Snickerdoodle
    2. Chocolate Chip
    3. Peanut Butter
    4. Double Chocolate
    5. Oatmeal and Raisin

The classic chocolate chip is my personal favourite, although I found the double chocolate okay, I did find it a little dry and lacking a little on the flavour. I am gagging to give the ‘birthday cake’ flavour a try, along with the muscle brownie which looks gooey, sticky, and the cookies and cream flavour is just screaming for me to try it.

16 grams of protein in the most delicious form. @sabby189 #chocolatechip #cookies #lennyandlarrys #proteincookies

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Lenny and Larry’s cookies, I’m a huge fan.

They aren’t like any kind of snack that I’ve tried before, they’re extremely thick, which some may like, some may not. I’m personally a fan, it makes it more of a combination between a cookie and a cake, and it also helps to fill me up when I’ve got the appetite of a small horse. Delicious, filling and a million times better for you than non-vegan cookies, the only fault I can find is that they’re a tad too crumbly.

All in all, Lenny and Larry’s is a fantastic, and yummy, product for everyone to enjoy!

  • A tad crumbly, but otherwise perfect

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