Lewis Hamilton To Go Vegan After Watching What The Health

lewis hamilton vegan

Lewis Hamilton. One of the biggest sports stars on the planet. Multiple Formula 1 World Champion and a highly popular character in sport. Now the star has announced he is set to go vegan.

Yesterday evening, Hamilton announced via Instagram that he was to watch What The Health and start moving towards being completely vegan.

James Arthur goes vegan after watching What the Health.

Hamilton said: “Going to watch What The Health tonight. I’m on a mission to go vegan. People, animal cruelty and our personal health is at stake!!”

lewis hamilton vegan

Unlike many celebrities simply turning to veganism for health aspects, Hamilton now seems highly aware of the other benefits such as stopping animal cruelty and slowing global warming.

In the past, the F1 driver has been criticised by PETA for posingĀ in videos taken with an endangered tiger at the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation in Mexico.

Having another high-level celebrity turn towards veganism is only a positive for the movement, with millions of his fans now set to be exposed to the idea. Having a role model take on something like veganism is sure to persuade fans to give it a try if they haven’t already.

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