Lidl Ends Relationship With Kangaroo Meat Trade

Lidl has been the only retailer in the UK selling kangaroo meat.

kangaroo meat

UK supermarket chain Lidl has announced that they will be ending its trade in kangaroo meat, and will no longer sell the meat after June 2018.

Lidl had been the only UK supermarket that stocked the meat, after Iceland stopped their sale of the meat last year.

A spokesperson for Lidl UK said: “As a global retailer, we strive to offer a range of international produce to the UK consumer and our kangaroo meat range has always proven popular,

“Following recent customer feedback, we have taken the decision to no longer sell kangaroo meat at Lidl UK.”

Animal welfare charity ‘Viva!’ has been campaigning against the sale of kangaroo for many years, and sees this as a huge success.

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Viva! Founder and director Juliet Gellately said: “Having campaigned on the issue of kangaroo meat for the best part of two and a half decades I couldn’t be happier to finally say: ‘We did it!’”

“The novelty value of so-called ‘exotic meat’ has been masking the true horror of a brutal business for too many years.”

“As always, Viva! Remains committed to supporting Australian wildlife groups to end the bloody trade and celebrate the kangaroo for its unique and iconic status in Australia.”

The majority of kangaroo meat comes from wild animals within Australia, with the killing of kangaroos being unmonitored.

RSPCA Australia estimates that around 100,000 kangaroos every year were not immediately killed by hunters, and had to survive with agonising injuries.

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