Linda McCartney Expands With ‘Festive’ Options

linda mccartney

If you say you don’t love Linda McCartney sausages, then you’re lying! Vegans and meat eaters alike have enjoyed the meat free range for years, and it has recently been announced that it will soon be expanding!

Although a vegetarian and not vegan brand, it’s brilliant to hear that all of the new items will in fact be 100% vegan.

Although some may say August is a little early to be looking ahead to Christmas, these new Linda McCartney items mean that Christmas dinners and parties will be a whole lot easier for vegans.

The new range includes; Vegetarian Beef Roast with Red Wine & Shallot Glaze, cocktail sausages, chorizo sausages and Vegetarian Beef, Mushroom & Spinach Wellington Bites.

linda mccartney

The vegetarian beef roast is described as being:

“a delicately balanced rich red wine and sweet caramelised shallot glaze [which] tops a flavourful beef-inspired soya base.”

With Christmas dinner alternatives pretty much being limited to nut roast, this will open a whole new world of opportunities for vegans to enjoy eating with their family.

These sound like some of the fanciest and most imaginative frozen vegan food I’ve ever heard of, and to see so much effort going into vegan products is a very promising sign.

Paul McCartney has been a vegetarian for many years, however, rumours are now circulating that he has now gone vegan. After demanding only vegan food to be served at one of his recent concerts, could it be that the King of Veggie has finally seen the vegan light?

The Linda McCartney range has also been becoming more vegan friendly, first with the removal of honey from the pulled pork burgers, making it 100% vegan, and now the new festive range.

With meat alternatives often not being vegan, such as Quorn and their unnecessary use of honey, it’s great to see other brands realising they are missing out on a huge audience.

The range will be available from the 20th of August, in Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

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