Lizzie Armitstead, Vegetarian Cyclist- Rio 2016

lizzie armitstead

Lizzie Armitstead is not only a long term vegetarian, she is also the World, Commonwealth and National road race champion. Not bad for someone ‘lacking in protein’ ey!

As well as a silver medal from London 2012 tucked firmly under her belt, she has also competed in Rio 2016. She adds to the vegan and vegetarian athletes this year, and is a perfect example of how you can succeed without meat.

lizzie armitstead

After giving up meat aged 1o, Lizzie Armitstead is a self titled vegetarian, however she does eat fish. This technically therefore makes her a pescatarian.

Although she still consumes animal products, we encourage any and all athletes that cut them out of their diet!

However, there are many ways that Lizzie could improve her diet even further. For example, she claims;

“My biggest challenge is maintaining my iron level as I miss iron from red meat,”

Yet, there is almost no need for these supplements. Although taking them is completely fine, there are tons of vegan alternatives.

lizzie a

For example, dark leafy greens, dried fruits and iron-fortified cereals.

Furthermore, she could easily and effortlessly cut out fish.

“I can get my head around fish. I suppose it has quite a different taste to meat, and I think it’s important to my diet that I try to include it.”

Although it does have a different taste to other animal products, it is still meat! She is veggie for ethical reasons, and I think with a little more education this could easily lead her to cut out fish also.

lizzie ar

As far as it being important to her diet, it’s not really necessary. The high protein and low fat benefits of fish can be sourced in much more ethical and sustainable ways. Take beans, peas, lentils and good old hummus!

In regards to the Omega-3 you get from fish, this can be replaced with many alternatives.

According to, a woman of Lizzie Armitstead’s age would need around 1.1 ALA intake of grams (g)/day.

Although 75g of Salmon would give you 0.22-0.28 ALA (g), a quarter of a cup of pecans would give you 0.25-0.29 ALA (g).

There’s also 125 mL (½ cup) of Edamame Beans giving you 0.29-0.34 ALA (g) and 175ml of Pinto Beans giving you 0.17-0.24 ALA (g).

The pros of eating fish can all be replaced, without the horrible cons!

Lizzie Armitstead And Her Vegan Chocolate Mousse!


Vegan desserts are definitely not boring, and Lizzie has found out why! Giving the recipe to her favourite chocolate mousse in, she explained why.

“This is my favourite dessert,” said Armitstead. “I make this once a week if I’m home for a good block of training.”

“You cannot taste the avocado but it satisfies you like a real dessert would,”

Yay! Pescatarian and an advocate of delicious vegan desserts! Lizzie does much more for the meat free community than most other athletes, and we commend her for it.

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