London Fashion Week Fur Protests In Full Swing


Fur is back again at London Fashion Week, and people are NOT happy about it. Despite a petition calling for it to be banned reaching over 90,000 signatures, designers are still promoting clothes made from the skin of others. As a result, London Fashion Week fur protests have been popping up all over London.

These protests have been covered by The Telegraph, Grazia and Yahoo News, and are getting a lot of attention.

london fashion week fur

PETA has been at the forefront of many of these protests, braving the cold February weather in bikinis and masks. Not to forget the gas masks and almost naked protesters.

london fashion week fur

There have also been videos circulating of anti-fur protesters standing outside the LFW venue. When those walk past wearing fur, they demonstrate that it is no longer welcomed in London.

Activist group Surge have joined PETA in hijacking LFW and it’s use of animal skins. On its second day, they staged a protest with masks and signs.

london fashion week fur

Fur farming was made illegal in the UK in 2000, due to its horrific nature. Yet, as a nation, we still welcome designers to showcase clothes that fund this horror?

Despite the media coverage of these London Fashion Week fur protests, The Telegraph still labels those that protest ‘militants’. Is there anything militant about being against designers unnecessarily causing the death of thousands of animals?

Luckily, there are designers refusing to work with fur. An East London designer will be showcasing her ‘wear hair, not fur’ collection this LFW. 

london fashion week fur

Krasimira Stoyneva uses luxurious alternatives to fur, which she designs and makes in London. She wants to show designers that it’s time to ditch the animal derived materials once and for all.

All we can hope for is that the protests and designers against fur will show LFW that fur is no longer welcomed in London. It is neither fashionable nor luxurious, it is simply outdated and cruel.

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