London Fashion Week – Will Fur Still Be Used?

london fashion week

London Fashion Week is fast approaching, and with it comes the protests asking designers to stop using fur in their collections. An online petition has gathered over 75,000 signatures, asking for fur to be banned from London Fashion Week.

According to the British Fashion Council;

The British Fashion Council does not dictate what designers can or cannot design and has no control over their creative process. We actively encourage designers to look at best practice in their business and if they do chose to use fur then we encourage them to make ethical choices.

london fashion week

They say this, yet it’s hard to imagine they wouldn’t control a designer who wanted to feature racist or homophobic slogans. They will always have some form of control over what designers can design, so to say this justifies nothing.

Luckily, there are a number of designer brands that have already chosen to shun fur. These include Armani, Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, The Kooples and Vivienne Westwood. The Kooples recently went fur free after an onslaught of protests against the horrific trade.

london fashion week

These are some of the most famous and respected fashion brands in the world. If they can prove you don’t need fur to create beautiful designs, why the hell would other brands still choose to?

The main issue with London Fashion Week using fur, is the knock on effect it will have. Designs from shows such as this inspire and influence more affordable clothing lines. If fur is promoted and idolised, it will result in other brands using it with little to no objection.

london fashion week

Although LFW claims designers are encouraged to make ‘ethical decisions’, the imitations of these designs will most likely use cheap fur. This fur comes from abhorrent places such as fur farms, and are utterly horrific.

It has been shown you do not need fur to succeed in the world of fashion. More and more people are waking up the horrors of fur, and London Fashion Week needs to realise fur is not welcome in London any more.

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