London’s First VEGAN Chicken Shop Is Here!

london's first vegan chicken shop

There is genuinely ZERO valid reasons not to be vegan anymore, and this seals the deal. London’s first vegan chicken shop is finally here, and it looks like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Fantastically named ‘Temple of Seitan”, this shop will convert non-vegans, and be utter heaven for those who are already vegan.

As well as vegan chicken (as if that isn’t enough), they have tubs, yes tubs, of Mac and Cheese, as well as filled sandwiches. London is renowned for its fried chicken, and now even vegans don’t have to give it up.

If you took a look at their Instagram, chances are you wouldn’t think it was vegan. Fuck it, there is absolutely NO WAY you would be able to guess that this is plant-based food. It looks utterly incredible, and the crispy coating of the ‘chicken’ is calling my name. I haven’t been this excited since Zizzi’s started their vegan menu.

One look at their Facebook and you’ll see glowing reviews. The vegans of London are ecstatic to say the least.

It’s currently a food stall right next to Camden Road Tube Station, street food at its simplest and finest. However, next month (January 2017), they’ll be opening their very own shop in Hackney.

Seitan isn’t new on the block, but I’ve never seen it being cooked so realistically like this. London’s first vegan chicken shop has taken me by surprise, but in a very good way. I’ve had seitan kebabs, and I cannot wait to try my ex-favourite takeaway meal, ethical and delicious!


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