London To Get Its First Vegan Milk Man!

vegan milk

Milk men are often thought of as a nostalgic trip down memory lane, however, they’re getting a millennial makeover. London is set to get its very first vegan milk man, with the company ‘Mylk Man’.

According to Plant Based News, it was started by a London based entrepreneur, 30-year-old Jamie Chapman, and his business partner. 

They noticed the surge in veganism and the demand for vegan products, and decided to fill a hole in the market.

Founder Chapman said;

“We saw that the vegan movement was growing and growing. More people are ditching dairy, for environmental and animal cruelty reasons.”

Just like the old days, the vegan milk is delivered straight onto Londoners door steps, with empty bottles collected and ready to be filled up for the next day.

As well as being much more ethical than dairy, Mylk Man also addresses the sustainability issue of using plastic, with their method of using old-school glass being much more environmentally friendly.

“As well as being plastic-free and using glass bottles, we give 10 per cent of our profits to Greenpeace. And we’re stocked in massive tanks at the Bulk Market zero waste shop, in Dalston.” – Chapman

vegan milk

As well as delivering good old coconut and almond milk alternatives, Mylk Man have also concocted some fantastic sounding flavours.

These include:

  • Pistachio and Sweet Chai
  • Almond, Maca and Matcha
  • Turmeric

All of the milks have a minimum 12% nut content, made fresh to order and free from chemicals and preservatives. They can also make them sugar free on request! What’s not to love?

With the surge in popularity of veganism and the products that come with it, we’re sure that Mylk Man will succeed in one of the most vegan friendly cities on the planet.

Ethical, sustainable and delicious, this company is bringing milk into the 21st century.

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