Lucy Mecklenburgh Moves Towards Plant-Based Diet

lucy mecklenburgh

Reality TV star, Lucy Mecklenburgh, has claimed she’s moved towards a part-time plant-based diet, but couldn’t do it all the time because she enjoys meat too much.

Since Mecklenburgh left The Only Way Is Essex, she has been taking part in other reality TV shows such as Tour De Celeb and Bear Grylls: Celebrity Island.

In an interview with The List the reality star revealed her current dietary choices.

“I do meat-free Mondays and I might do one or two days a week vegan now, after going to the retreat, to re-educate myself.”

“But I wouldn’t do it all the time because I couldn’t cut out eggs, meat and fish. I enjoy them too much.”

A number of high profile celebrities have moved towards a plant-based diet or vegan lifestyle recently, most notably Lewis Hamilton, James Arthur and Ne-Yo.

It’s worth remembering, though, that Lucy Mecklenburgh is well known for wearing fur and other animal products and anything we can do to persuade her towards veganism is a good thing!

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