Lucy Mecklenburgh Shocks Fans By Wearing Fur To London Fashion Week


Lucy Mecklenburgh is a former TOWIE ‘star’ who now makes the rounds on reality TV. She has racked up millions of fans on social media, however caused controversy with her recent posts promoting a real fur jacket she wore to London Fashion Week.

Multiple protests have been taking place all week in regards to the use of fur at LFW, yet Lucy Mecklenburgh didn’t seem to be phased.

The jacket involved was by the brand ‘Popski’, that regularly uses celebrities to promote their items.

Lucy Mecklenburgh 

The jacket was made of real fox fur, and costs a disgusting £895.

Although some praised her for her fashion choice, a huge majority slammed her for her decision to wear real fur.

She proceeded by deleting such comments, and blocking users who spoke out against her selfish and horrific decision.

Lucy Mecklenburgh follows in the footsteps of fellow fur hag Rosie Fortesque, who has previously promoted the same brand on her Instagram account.

Rosie received similar amounts of backlash, and deleted comments and users in a similar way.

Luckily, not all reality stars are as cruel in their fashion choices.

Lucy Watson, from Made In Chelsea, is a proud vegan and advocate against wearing real fur. Like Lucy Mecklenburgh, she is on reality TV, yet she doesn’t feel the need to demonstrate she can afford such expensive clothes, and puts the lives of animals ahead of her vanity.

It has been amazing to see so many of Lucy Mecklenburgh’s former followers speak out against her decision to wear real fur, and demonstrates how quickly opinions are changing.

Lucy Mecklenburgh 

By deleting the comments and blocking users, it also highlights how Lucy Mecklenburgh does feel shame in wearing real fur, and that she knows what she has done is wrong.

If you really love wearing fur, why feel the need to act in such a way?

Lucy Mecklenburgh has now blocked me on Instagram, so I cannot see if comments are still being regulated, yet I highly assume so.

Lucy Mecklenburgh, don’t be a fur hag, it’s never been fashionable to wear the corpses of dead animals.

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