Another New Plant-Based Meat Company Launches In The US


After creating Lunchables in 1986, Richard Hawkins has now established his own vegan meat company to provide a more sustainable food future.

As a self-proclaimed “meat scientist”, Hawkins is now hoping to use his expertise to create successful plant-based meats with his new brand, Improved Nature.

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Improved Nature only uses fibres created from soy and water to create vegan products such as Pork-Free Cutlets, Beef-Free Country-Fried Steak, BBQ Boneless Chicken-Free Wings.

“We now have a way to be 20 times more efficient than animal agriculture,” Hawkins said during a recent conference. “Right now, it takes about five pounds of soy meal to make one pound of pork. We’re taking one pound of soy protein and making five pounds of plant-based meat.”

According to Improved Nature: “Our mission is to introduce the world to a better meat alternative. We offer a Delicious, Sustainable, High Quality meat substitute. Our product is Plant Based, Meat-Free and easy to prepare in ready-to-heat varieties.”

The business recently invested $3million into a new production facility in North Carolina, the second largest state in terms of animal meat production.

Improved Nature follows a familiar trend, with other plant-based business such as Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat also racing to create sustainable plant-based meats.

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