It Won’t Make A Difference If I Go Vegan, Right?

make a difference

You often hear people saying it, you might’ve even said it yourself before. It’s not REALLY going to make a difference if you go vegan, is it?

For some, they use it as an excuse not to make the switch to a vegan lifestyle whereas others simply don’t understand the effects moving to that lifestyle will have. Here’s why going vegan is going to make a difference (and oh yes, it’s going to be huge)!

Let me begin by saying, YES you won’t be directly removing one pig or farm animal everyday from their enslaved life. You’re right here, but this is where it ends.

What you are doing, is reducing the demand for that product. So, in future when producers realise the demand is less, they’ll produce less in order to reduce waste and a loss in money.

(Sadly the industry of murder and exploitation is completely money focused)

Collectively, the more people that choose compassion, the less need there’ll be for exploiting more animals.

The same thing goes for the environment. Producing less animals to feed the demand and reducing the amount of pollution that comes with transportation is going to make a huge difference to your individual impact on the environment.

make a difference

The animal agriculture industry contributes more the greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation and drought than anything else. By going vegan you save gallons of water everyday, the amount for a shower for a month is the equivalent to the water needed to produce one hamburger.

The other major advantage is the effect you’ll have on other people. Since I’ve become vegan I know of at least a handful of people who have become vegan because of what I’ve shown them and introduced them too.

Let’s say you become vegan and manage to influence 4 other people. Now if you multiply your own savings by 4, you realise that the difference you thought was small, is actually going to be huge. The process just continues. What’s to say those 4 people you help turn vegan then each help another 4 people go vegan. And another 4. And another 4.

make a difference

That’s HUGE change and that’s happening quickly. That’s the number one way you choosing a vegan lifestyle is going to have a dramatic impact rather than a small one.

Show your amazing vegan food, your abundance of snacks and treats you enjoy and the harsh realities of the animal agriculture industry. Explain the amazing health benefits the vegan lifestyle has, how it reduces your chance of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity more than any drug you can ever be prescribed.

The best way to do this is to have a good social media presence along with speaking to your friends and family. These are all great ways at helping people to realise that a vegan lifestyle is the most beneficial for them.

No change ever occurred from the majority of people. It always starts with a small minority that grows and grows and is the catalyst for that change. Choosing a vegan lifestyle just helps the movement grow.

It doesn’t mean change will be immediate but it contributes to the change happening eventually. And if people are moving to the lifestyle at a faster rate, the change will also occur at a faster rate.

Make a difference immediately and sign up for Veganuary in 2017!

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