Are McDonalds Vegan Options Really Vegan?


McDonalds isn’t renowned for being the most vegan company in the world. However, in the UK at least, baby steps are being taken. Their chips are approved by the Vegetarian Society, and then even have a burger than can be made vegan. McDonalds vegan options are appearing!

But, are these vegan options truly vegan? They may be in regards to their ingredients, however many vegans argue that to support McDonalds financially is not vegan.

mcdonalds vegan options

After all, they are a company known for their cruel treatment of animals, that sources its meat from unsustainable environments (mainly the US McDonalds) and profits from the murder and torture of millions of animals.

However, to say that this makes McDonalds vegan options un-vegan, where do you draw the line? Does that mean you can no longer eat vegan options at non vegan restaurants?

Zizzis, Nandos, Handmade Burger Company, all of these companies have vegan options but still profit from the murder of animals. This doesn’t make their vegan options any less vegan.

mcdonalds vegan options
Doesn’t look that bad, does it?

Again, would you then stop shopping at major supermarkets? The main portion of their profit doesn’t come from vegan products, so is that the same as McDonalds?

If it doesn’t include any animal products, it’s vegan. In fact, McDonalds prides itself on being recognised by the Vegetarian Society, using different oil vats and equipment for all veggie/vegan food.

By buying their veggie options, you are supporting a more ethical chain. It shows there is demand for vegan food, and encourages others to try it for themselves.

mcdonalds vegan options

I tried the spicy vegetable burger today (without mayo), and had a large fries. Sure, it wasn’t the most amazing meal of my life, but it cost me £4. It also meant I could eat in a group with my friends, and not sit in the corner starving hungry.

The US McDonalds don’t have a single vegan option, and in many countries their chips are cooked in oil vats containing beef. We have it lucky! To say eating McDonalds vegan options is not vegan is hypocritical;, and damaging to the movement.

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