Meat-Based Diets Are Destroying 60 Percent Of The Planet’s Biodiversity

Animal agriculture is responsible for 60% of the loss of the Earth's biodiversity.


The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has compiled a new report that shows the destructive nature of animal agriculture.

The report concluded that animal agriculture is currently responsible for 60 percent of the Earth’s loss of biodiversity.

Titled “Appetite for Destruction,” the report showed that animals are on the brink of extinction due to the mass planting of monocrops to feed livestock.

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“The huge amount of land needed to produce protein-rich feeds such as soy is having devastating effects on species and their habitats,” the report said, “especially in vulnerable areas such as the Amazon, the Congo Basin, and the Himalayas.” 

“In a world where more and more people adopt a Western diet—one that’s high in meat, dairy, and processed food,” the report said, “producing crops to feed our livestock is putting an enormous strain on our natural resources and is a driving force behind wide-scale biodiversity loss.” 

According to VegNews: “The report identified a large number of animals whose populations are threatened by crop expansion, including giant pandas, cheetahs, jaguars, giraffes, and snow leopards.”

The WWF provides a recommendation at the end of the report, suggesting everyone should reduce their meat and dairy intake and increase the number of plants they’re eating. They also add that feeding plants to animals is an inefficient way for humans to obtain protein.

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