Why Meat-Eaters Can’t Hate Yulin


It’s that time of year again. Everyone and everyone becomes a keyboard warrior, branding the Chinese as ‘disgusting, cruel, and barbaric’. It can only mean one thing. Yulin is back.

yulin 4

Yes, it’s the yearly event where Omni’s decide to step up onto their pedestal of pride and diminish anyone who has a culture slightly different to their own. I say slightly, as that is all it is.

Yulin, as you probably know, holds a yearly Dog meat festival. Here they enjoy both dog and cat meat, and the world looks on in horror.


Don’t get me wrong; this festival makes me angrier than almost anyone I know. Yet, to see people who will complain about Yulin yet then eat a burger the same day is the definition of hypocrisy.

You ask an Omni why they wouldn’t a cat or a dog, and chances are they would say that it’s our culture; it’s not something we’ve ever done.


Yet, for the Chinese, this is also the same. They have been eating meat like dog for centuries, and to them it is the norm. Just like you eat cows or chickens, they also simply happen to eat dog.

Eating any animal is cruel, disgusting and wrong. And if you get upset at the thought of Yulin, then it means that deep down you believe this too.

Think about the anger you feel towards this festival, and realise that vegans feel this every single day. Our anger doesn’t end after a few weeks, and it’s not just cause by what we see online. We feel the same way about all animals as you do about Yulin.

Isn’t Yulin Cruel?

One argument against Yulin is that it’s inhumane. The animals are stolen pets, and they are tortured before they’re killed, as the Chinese believe that it makes the meat taste better.

yulin hypocrisy

Would it be any better if they were bred to be killed instead? Would you sleep soundly in your bed at night knowing no one lost a pet?

These animals are tortured, and it’s horrific. Yet chickens have their beaks cut off, pigs have their testicles removed and cows are forcefully impregnated too. Where is your horror and disgust now?

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You cannot pick and choose when to stand against people eating meat. Just because you’re in the Western world doesn’t mean that you can sit on your high horse and judge other cultures because they eat different meat than you do.

You cannot be against Yulin and still eat meat. You stand for all animals, or accept that you stand for none.

Lydia is currently a 2nd year journalism student studying at the University of Leeds. While previously working at one of Singapore's leading lifestyle websites, she's now been covering vegan news since 2016. After going vegetarian for ethical reasons in 2015, she is a passionate vegan, who wants to ensure that animals are treated with love and compassion.


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