Mid-Wales Egg Factory Has Planning Permission Refused

egg factory

A chicken egg factory, which would see 32,000 chickens slaughtered annually, has been refused planning permission for a site in Newton, mid-Wales.

The decision came after a petition against the proposal was created and signed by local residents and animal activists.

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The new egg factory had the potential to cause devastation to local flora and fauna, the local road network and would have resulted in 32,000 chickens being slaughtered every year.

Powys County Council eventually refused the planning permission, citing three main reasons:

  1. Unacceptable impact on Highway Safety.
  2. Unacceptable impact on biodiversity and features of ecological interest.

The original petition against the new factory put forward its case by saying: “There is also serious concern over the effects of pollution of watercourses running through 6 ponds in a wildlife reserve adjoining the farm by toxic chemicals in the ‘run-off’ from chicken manure spread on fields.”  

“Such sites are defined as ‘sensitive receptors’ in planning regulations and require protection from pollution. There is additional risk of atmospheric pollution from the unit damaging sensitive species of flora and fauna and the biodiversity of the area.”

“Finally the powerful issue of animal cruelty.  After a short and miserable life crammed into such units, often at the legal limit of 9 birds per square metre, 32,000 chickens can be slaughtered every 14 months to ‘improve productivity’.  Just imagine it!”

“The classification of ‘Free Range’ eggs can be misleading to consumers too. Hens may only get access to outside grazing for set periods of time and some potentially may never go outside at all because the ‘pop holes’ are so crowded.”

You can sign the petition here.

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