Milk Consumption Drops By 22% in 16 Years


A study by the US Department of Agriculture has found that dairy consumption within the US has dropped by 22% between 2000 and 2016.

It also found that Americans now only consume 154 pounds of dairy milk per capita, down from 197 pounds in 2000. 

There has been a clear shift from dairy towards plant-based milk, with the rise in public awareness of the health and ethical issues surrounding dairy.

The report also attributed the shift towards plant-based alternatives as a result of the growth in ‘flexitarians’, those who are not 100% vegan, but often eat a plant-based diet.

According to Plant-Based News, the report stated: “Some consumers are concerned about the health implication of hormones and antibiotics used in producing some milk, the healthiness of milk in general, and the fat content of milk.

“While plant-based diets are trendy, there hasn’t been a significant rise in the percentage of the population (15 percent) claiming to be vegan or vegetarian.

“However, more consumers are trying plant-based foods and beverages as part of a flexitarian approach to eating, which could help explain the shift.”

It’s fantastic to see that so many people are moving away from the cruelty of dairy, and are exploring the many plant-based options out there. 

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