Millions Of Factory Farm Animals Drown In North Carolina

At least 1.7 million farm animals have already died.

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With Hurricane Florence sweeping across North Carolina, it is expected that millions of turkeys, pigs and chickens will have drowned in the flood water.

While the community escaped, factory farm animals have been left confined inside metal cages, and left to die.

Photos shared by Woodstock Farm Sanctuary demonstrate the catastrophic effects of the Hurricane, with farms left completely submerged.

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One of the state’s industrial meat production facilities, Sanderson Farms, has already confirmed that 1.7 million chickens have already died as a result of Hurricane Florence.

This number is expected to rise, with pigs and turkeys also expected to suffer.

Gene Baur from Farm Sanctuary described the situation as upsetting, via a post on Facebook.

“Sad but predictable … Farm animals are the most abused of all, and there wasn’t even an effort to relocate them, which would have been logistically difficult.”

“At the very least, factory farms should not be located in areas prone to flooding, and tax dollars should [not] be used to reimburse this cruel industry, which ironically and wrongly opened their statement by announcing that they didn’t experience loss of life in the wake of the storm.”

“Please note, chickens and other farm animals are living animals, and their deaths very much represent a loss of life.”

In a press release, Sanderson Farms described the loss of 1.7 million chickens in North Carolina as simply being “destroyed as a result of flooding”.

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