The Huge Mistake In The Lidl Christmas Advert

mistake in the lidl christmas advert

The huge mistake in the Lidl Christmas advert

It’s that time of year. First John Lewis with their Christmas advert, then Sainsbury’s and now we’ve got Lidl’s. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it below. However, there’s a huge mistake in the Lidl Christmas advert that omnis, vegetarians and vegans are all picking up on.

Is it the first thing we can all agree on?

Lidl have made a big cock up. Search on Twitter and you’ll struggle to see anyone say anything nice about the advert. Have you been able to guess why yet?

Lidl show the Turkey’s to be happy, emotional animals yet at the end we see a dead bird on the table. The typical Christmas scene, celebrating the death of an animal and holding your desire for taste above the value you apply to a living beings life.

The choice of storyline is completely baffling.

They’re saying, sure we treat animals right and then proceed to slit their throats before we cook them and eat their flesh. What happens if we change the word ‘animals’ to ‘humans’? Sounds pretty sadistic right? Humans and animals are the same.

This is the biggest holocaust the planet has ever witnessed and 95% of people stand by and think their food choices are ok. Lidl have done us a bit of a favour here and clearly demonstrated the huge hypocrisy in most people’s beliefs.

The huge mistake in Lidl’s Christmas advert has certainly done them more harm than good.

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