Morgan Mitchell – A Breath Of Fresh Air

morgan mitchell

When you think all help is lost with young girls cutting carbs and eating meat like there’s no tomorrow, Morgan Mitchell appears. Aged only 21 and heading to Rio 2016, this Aussie athlete is becoming a shining role model for young girls everywhere.

After watching a documentary on animal slaughter 2 years ago, she has been vegan ever since.

“I thought ‘God, I don’t want to contribute to that’. I love animals, so watching them get taken from their mothers made me really sad.”

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Not only did she do what she felt was right, she did so even when others seemed to believe that it was impossible.

“A lot of people were against it but I just said: ‘My career can’t come before another animal’s life, sorry’,”

Luckily, her nutritionist helped her see that all the necessary nutrients can be found in plant foods, and as well as losing 3kg, she has qualified for the biggest athletics event in the world.

What’s even better about Morgan Mitchell, is her attitude towards food. Praise the lord, she is a self-confessed ‘Carb Queen‘! Loving rice, pasta and bread, she is a breath of fresh air when fellow Aussies of her age promote cutting carbs and cutting life.. *cough Kayla Itsines*.

Her instagram is filled with colourful pictures of cruelty free food, and showcasing her beautifully strong, plant fuelled body.

vegan waffles for the pre training get up 👅 #veganfood #spread @cardamompodbrickworks

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She also makes sure she uses her platform for good. In almost all her interviews veganism is mentioned, as well as it being in her bios on twitter and instagram. Retweets of PETA and pictures of gorgeous vegan food appear often, stuff we love to see!

Take a look at the comments on her pictures and you’ll see young vegan athletes thanking her for being vocal. The word inspiration appears multiple times, and this is amazing to see.

Morgan Mitchell, A Name To Remember

morgan m

A strong, successful, ethical young woman, this is who we should be looking up to. From appearing in the Daily Telegraph to Vogue Australia, she is a pinnacle of how veganism should be shown. We will be cheering you on in Rio and hope you show the world how strong being vegan can make you!

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