What Is The Most Important Reason To Go Vegan?

most important reason to go vegan

There are a million and one reasons why you might choose to go vegan, and there never tends to be just one. However, have you ever sat down and thought about what is the most important reason to go vegan? Could it be the health benefits, the environmental impacts, or the ethical advantages?

Each have their own reasons that they might perceive to be the most important. Yet, only one impacts every single person on the planet. The environment.

Don’t get me wrong, I stopped eating meat for ethical reasons, and I find it one of the most important reasons why I am vegan. However, this is an issue of ethics, and only affects the animals involved. The same goes for health. You can eat yourself to death on animal products and the amount of people that it will affect is very limited.


The environment is the one thing we as a population share. We breathe the same air, swim in the same seas and live on the same earth. When temperature rises, it will affect those in the East just as much as those in the West.

You can argue day and night over the ethics of animal consumption and which diet is healthiest, but the environment can not be ignored. It is the number one most important reason to go vegan, and how I believe we will convince the rest of the world.

most important reason to go vegan

It’s much more than just greenhouse gases

The beautiful yet treacherous thing about the environment is that it’s all connected. A rise in greenhouse gases doesn’t just pollute our air, it acidifies our seas and destroys our coral. It raises our temperature and melts the ice. The melting of this ice releases methane trapped over billions of years, and the cycle starts over again.

Not to mention the destruction of land to raise livestock, having to remove their waste, and the amount of water needed to raise them. There is not one environmental reason why we should still be consuming animal products.


The acidification of our oceans will destroy our coral reefs. The melting of the ice will kill our arctic wildlife. The rising sea levels will cause massive destruction. This is much more likely to catch the attention of the public than trying to tell someone who won’t listen that they’re eating themselves to death.

This doesn’t just affect us, it affects our future families. They won’t live to see the leopards and frogs and monkeys we’re doing so well in destroying.

The most important reason to go vegan? Yours.

Why you go vegan is a personal choice, but when it comes to convincing others, I think the environment is the path do go down. You simply can’t refute the damage animal products are causing, and it will pull on the heartstrings on everyone who takes the time to listen.

I went vegan after watching Cowspiracy, and it’s now a race against time to save our planet.

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