Motorway Banner Encourages Public To Watch Vegan Documentary


A banner has emerged, hanging over the M32 motorway, near Bristol. The banner reads “Land of Hope and Glory, watch on YouTube.”

The documentary the banner refers to is the newly released vegan documentary that shows never before seen footage of the atrocities that take place in slaughterhouses across the country. It’s being branded as the UK Earthlings.

Land of Hope and Glory launched on the 1st August available for free on Youtube.

Created by Ed Winters and Luna Woods, the pair recently spoke to Plant Based News and said: “We’re so pleased and humbled to see that word about ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ is being spread all over the country in such creative ways.

“It’s so important that the film reaches a non-vegan audience and the banner drop is such a brilliant way of ensuring as many people as possible hear about the film.”

It’s understood that a large amount of footage shown within the documentary came from RSPCA Assured farms which are meant to maintain the highest ethical standards.

A spokesperson for the charity said: “This film is clearly very upsetting and we are concerned about the footage, particularly given claims some of it was taken on a RSPCA-Assured farm.

“We take all animal welfare complaints extremely seriously but unfortunately, the filmmakers have not contacted us with details of their concerns, so we haven’t yet been able to investigate.”

You can watch Land of Hope and Glory here.

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