My Vegan Weight-loss Story -9kg

new years diet resolutions don't work

Until I was 16, I could eat pretty much anything I liked. I exercised leisurely a few times a week, and my diet consisted mainly of processed chicken, pork and beef. Not to forget pizza as a snack almost every single day.

There’s only so much shit your metabolism can put up with, and mine decided to say ‘fuck this’ when I was 16 and a half. Steadily but surely over the next year of boozing and McDonald’s delivery, I gained 9kg without really realising it.

vegan weight loss

I knew I wasn’t as skinny as I had been, but it took a video from a summer holiday for me to finally realise. I had become a bit off a fat-ass.

Technically I went vegan 7 months ago, and vegetarian 6 months before that, but my vegan journey actually began with that picture.

Losing the weight was actually pretty simple, and also pretty fast. I started cutting out the crappy snacks I would binge on every night, such as pop tarts, brownies, tubs of ice cream and nachos. I stopped consuming as many animal products, and started to exercise again.

Spaghetti Bolognese was replaced with vegetable curries, and regular chicken with Quorn alternatives. Meat was replaced with veg, and gone were the tubs of ice cream.

vegan weight-loss

The pizza I would eat at lunchtime was replaced with something not covered in cheese, and the bacon and chicken Subways became bowls of pasta instead.

Although at this point I was still technically eating meat, I started losing weight as soon as I started cutting it out of my diet. It was only then I started becoming aware of how shit animal products had made me feel.

As soon as I went vegetarian, the weight kept coming off. I had gone from over 150lbs to just over 130lbs, and there was no way I was getting back to that weight.

At my heaviest
At my heaviest
And at my lightest
And at my lightest

At first, I noticed my weight and body did fluctuate a little. When I was still eating dairy and eggs, my weight wasn’t as consistent as I would have liked. However, since going vegan, the weight loss has been beyond manageable.

I am finally at the weight I feel I should be. I’m not as slim as I was when I was 16, but I don’t have a 16 year olds body anymore, so why should I?

Whereas so many people I know and see manage to lose weight and then gain it back plus more, I’ve managed to keep it all off. Since I first began looking at what I ate well almost 2 years ago, I haven’t been back into the 150’s, or even the 140s once.

The secret? I wasn’t on a diet. I wasn’t restricting, and I wasn’t starving. Bit by bit, I removed animal products, and bit by bit the weight continued to stay off.


I always think I stopped eating meat on the 28th April 2015, but honestly I started eating like a vegetarian way before that. And that is when I started losing the weight. I had started my vegan weight-loss journey without even realising it.

Sure, you can follow a Joe Wicks starvation plan or a Kayla Bikini Bullshit Guide and be under-carbed and fuelled by disgusting animal products for a while, but is that sustainable? You think eating chicken covered in butter and cheesy pasta will keep you lean in the long run? No chance.

My diet is still what I love to eat. Tons of carbs like rice, pasta and noodles make up the bulk, with veg taking second place. I LOVE food and look forward to cooking and eating.

weight 2

My plates are piled high with food, and I can always finish every single bite. So, you could both eat a few pieces of asparagus and a slice of salmon to starve yourself in the short run, or feed your body what it really needs and benefit in the long run?

Not only am I different in how I look, I feel a million times better. My fitness is better than it has ever been, and my energy levels are sky high.

Whereas when I first started I would struggle to run 1.5km on a treadmill, I can now run 5k outside no worries, and have even completed a 170km bike ride up the highest peak in Thailand!

High-carb, vegan weight-loss is the most practical and healthy way to lose weight, and I swear by it. No restrictions, no effort, and the ethical choice, what’s stopping you?

Vegan Weight-Loss For The Win!

No more diets, no more yoyo-ing of weight, and a love for food like I’ve never had before. From the bottom of my heart I encourage you to start your very own vegan weight-loss journey today.

So to the man who commented on my Joe Wicks article that I was ‘porky’, fuck off! Let’s see what your body is like in 2 years.


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