Natalie Portman To Receive Environmental Award


Vegan actor, Natalie Portman, is set to be awarded an environmental award for her efforts to promote environmental progress and innovation.

Forbes has reported that she will receive the Ongoing Commitment Award from the Environmental Media Association [EMA].

The EMA awards are an annual event that looks to recognise those who have contributed to the protection of Earth’s environment. `The organisation works with celebrities to gain further exposure.

This year’s 27th annual awards will be hosted by vegan Jaden Smith and will take place on September 23rd in Los Angeles.

Outrage over vegan Jaden Smith being served cheese pancakes.

Talking about the award, Portman said it reminded her she’s ‘not alone’.

Natalie Portman said: “It’s up to each individual to decide to educate themselves, take responsibility and make a change.

“I chose to adapt to a sustainable lifestyle after learning of the health risks and environmental effects that come with the mass production of animals. 

“To receive this honour is a valuable reminder to me that I am not alone in this fight.”

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