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An interview with Naturally Stefanie

Naturally Stefanie has been a long term Youtuber in my subscriptions. Boasting almost 67,000 subscribers and around 2 years on Youtube, she’s built herself a strong following in both the vegan and fitness community. With the launch of her new website last week, Stefanie aims to get more people eating, training and living right while achieving their goals. In videos, Stefanie is able to relate to everyone from body builders, girls wanting to tone up and lose weight or just vegans in general. With her down-to-earth and bubbly attitude it’s easy not to like her and the way she spreads the message. Not only does she make Youtube videos but she also offers personal health and fitness coaching.

We spoke to Naturally Stefanie and found out how she became vegan and a bunch of her top tips.

How did you originally get into veganism and was it the gym or being vegan that came first?

I originally got into veganism for health reasons, to be the healthiest version of myself! I came across veganism on Youtube and Instagram and started watching documentaries such as Forks Over Knives and that was me!

Veganism has increased by 350% in the UK over the past 10 years yay! What do you think are the next steps for increasing this further? What’s the next hurdle veganism has to overcome?

I think the next steps for increasing veganism is to push it at every angle… Show how cruel the meat and dairy industry is so people make the connection to what is on their plate, show how fit and healthy it makes you and how cheap and easy it is too! People resist change for lots of reasons but the more people that make the change the more change we will see!

We saw you recently went to Portugal! Do you have any tips for eating vegan when in a foreign country?

Personally I do not struggle with eating vegan abroad, I always stock up on lots of fruit in the complex I stay at from the supermarkets. I always look up online vegan friendly restaurants to go to but when I eat out at non vegan restaurants I always Google translate to the language that I am vegetarian allergic to dairy and eggs and that way they take my dietary requirements very seriously!

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Do you feel that the sport is becoming more accepting of vegan athletes and what do you think has contributed to this?

I definitely think that sport is becoming more accepting of veganism with the increasing popularity of vegan athletes proving the traditional athletes diets to not be the only diet for fit individuals. The increase in vegan body builders, boxers, cyclists and so on, I think, has inspired change!

If you had 1 tip for people wanting to get into fitness what would it be?

My one tip would be to find something you love doing as exercise and you will never feel like you are working out to lose weight, focus on having fun and putting all your effort into your passion!

…and if you had 1 tip for people wanting to get into Youtube and create a social media presence what would it be?

I would recommend people to again go with their passions, focus on what you love and how to share that with others and your energy and passion for it will show and attract others!

A massive thanks to Stefanie for answering all our questions, we’re looking forward to what’s to come on her Youtube and new website.

To find Naturally Stefanie on her social media:

Youtube- NaturallyStefanie
Instagram- @naturallystefanie
Snapchat- stefaniemoir

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