Disappointing: New £10 Notes WON’T Be Vegan

new £10 notes


With the outrage stemming from the tallow used in the new £5 notes released last year, you’d think the Bank of England would be keen to listen to the public. However, it has sadly been announced that the new £10 notes will in fact not be vegan, as it will contain the same animal fat as the notes that came out last year.

It’s disgusting that vegans, animal activists and the public alike are forced to use non-vegan products on a daily basis. The arrival of the new £10 note only increases the amount of interaction they are forced to have.

Unlike goods such as dairy and meat, currency is unavoidable. We choose not to have leather wallets, however, will be forced to carry traces of animal fat within it.

new £10 notes

However, activists have not given up, and are still campaigning over the ingredients that will be used in future £20 notes.

Dominika Piasecka, from the Vegan Society, has said;

“We have met with the Bank of England and believe they are committed to solving this problem and we will continue to work with them to find a good solution.”

“We look forward to the consultation around the £20 note and hope that any future bank notes will be free from ingredients produced through harming animals.”

It’s extremely disappointing that despite the barrage of criticism that arose after the unveiling after the £5 notes, the Bank of England is not taking the wishes and concerns of vegans into consideration.

The tallow used is in very small amounts, and is an ingredient that could easily and quickly be removed for an alternative. By allowing the new £10 notes to still contain animal fat, it means that some organisations still do not appreciate or understand veganism.

The face of Jane Austen will be on these new £10 notes, to demonstrate how far we have come as a society. However, with animal fat within the notes, it’s evident that we still haven’t come far enough.

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