Trailer For Vegan Documentary ‘Dominion’ Is Released

vegan documentary

Documentaries are at play for converting thousands of people to veganism, and a new one is due to be released soon. Vegan documentary ‘Dominion’ is focused on animal rights, and the trailer can be watched here:

Dominion (2018): Official Trailer from Aussie Farms on Vimeo.

A feature length documentary, Dominion will look at how animals are abused in Australia, using drones to expose the horrors of the industry.

A spokesperson for the film says that;

“The film will question the morality and validity of our dominion over the animal kingdom.”

“Dominion¬†will also make use of emerging technologies, such as aerial drones, to capture new perspectives and examine the wider context of animal exploitation upon our landscape and within our society.”

The film was funded through a combination of crowdfunding ($19,000) along with a grant from an animal protection institute.

This vegan documentary will bring animal rights to Australia, meaning Aussies will no longer have the excuse of Australian farms being different to those seen on Earthlings etc.

The film will be released in March 2018.


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