NEW Frozen Vegan Pizza Company Launches In The UK

vegan pizza one planet pizza

We’re pretty lucky with a number of vegan options that are popping up everywhere. There’s vegan cheese, meat substitutes, and even vegan egg. Restaurants are catering for vegans and we have more options than ever! Now, we’ve got ourselves a new vegan pizza option in the UK!

One Planet Pizza started a crowd funding campaign last year and quickly gained momentum for their launch. In partnership with Bute Island, they now distribute four frozen vegan pizzas across the country to local retail stores.

They currently produce four different flavours, Meditteranean Vegetable, Hawaiian, Three Sheese Margherita & Exotic Funghi Feast.

While the hope is that the vegan pizza will be cropping up in all the local supermarkets, for the time being, the pizza is available to order online.

Stay tuned for more!

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