New Veggie Pret Finally Opens!


Pret A Manger has established itself as very vegan friendly, even opening their very own Veggie Pret. Luckily for us it has been a success, and a new Veggie Pret has finally opened! Expect vegan brownies, mac and cheese, and much more…

Where is it?

The new store will be on Great Eastern Street, London. The nearest station is Shoreditch High Street, and the nearest tube is Old Street.

The full address is 57 Great Eastern St.

What will be there?

Pret have gone all out, offering a brand new menu for a brand new Veggie Pret.

You told us we needed a new menu, so our Chefs introduced bold, new ingredients including fava beans, turmeric cauliflower, smash beet humus and over twenty new recipes.

new veggie pret
Vegan mac and cheese!!


  • Vegan brownie
  • Vegan mac and greens
  • Dairy-free chocolate chia pot
  • Banana, Blueberries & Almond Butter Toasted Tortilla

… and much much more!

Seeing that the first Veggie Pret was designed to only be temporary, the fact that there is a second permanent addition is amazing.

It proves just how powerful the vegan movement is, and how there is demand for delicious vegan products. It also paves the way for non-vegan friendly establishments such as Starbucks, showing that products don’t have to be filled with milk and meat to be amazing.

Even better? Their first day has been a raging success! Just check out these queues.

new veggie pret

So, what is it you’re waiting for? Show your support for such a great cause, and get a delicious lunch at the same time!


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