New Years Diet Resolutions Don’t Work

new years diet resolutions don't work

New Years diet resolutions don’t work

Going on a diet as your New Years resolution? Don’t. New Years diet resolutions don’t work.

Let me cut to the chase. It’s not going to work. There is, however, something that will work. It’s a lifestyle change.

Diets don’t work. Never have, never will. If you follow a diet, by the end of it you’ll be drained and exhausted. You’ll also put all that weight and fat back on. You’ll go back to your sluggish self and you’ll feel shit about it.

Diets only work while you’re doing them and diets are unsustainable. They often damage your long term health and almost certainly ruin your current mental state. New Years diet resolutions don’t work.

new years diet resolutions don't work

A lifestyle change

Instead, you need to focus on a lifestyle change. Let’s replace that diet with something that’s sustainable for the rest of your life, leaves you with more energy than ever, drastically improves your long term health AND keeps you slim and trim.

Sounds too good to be true right?

I thought so too.

So what is this lifestyle change?

First you’ve got to cut out animal products. I know, you’re thinking that it’s extreme or crazy. Cutting animal products is the first best step you can take. They do so much harm to your body and if you ever see a diet or eating plan with animal products in, that’s the first warning sign it’s in no way healthy for your body.

We’re not meant to eat animal products, trust me.

new years diet resolutions don't work

Fill your kitchen with amazing plant-based food and help end the suffering of billions of animals every year. If you’re interested in reading more about the benefits of going vegan, click here, here or here.

We’re focusing on abundance here, not restriction. There’s endless amounts of food you can eat while you’re vegan, we’re just going to cut out the nasty, cruel and damaging foods!

We’ve also got LOADS of posts about why animal products are seriously damaging to your body. From heart disease and diabetes to cancer and osteoporosis. You’re better off vegan.

It’s pretty clear to see that turning vegan will do wonders to your health but what if you want to take it one step further and improve your body shape?

Let’s start refining that

So we’ve got you on a vegan diet. Well done! Now let’s start focusing on reducing the amount of fat, salt and protein in your diet. High salt leads to increased water retention. This gives you that ‘puffy’ look.

Protein is great for gaining mass, it’s anabolic which means it makes you gain size- awesome if you’re a body builder and want to get bigger. If your goal is to reduce your weight and focus on ‘trimming down’ I’d highly recommend only eating your recommended daily amount of protein.

Fat, well it’s in the name. If you want to get fat, you eat more fat. In recent years, there’s sadly been a push towards high fat diets that restrict you to low calories. Think Joe Wicks- it’s not healthy.

Now, here’s the key. And this might seriously make you go wtf? You’ve got to pack in the carbs.

I know, everyone has told you to steer clear of carbs and that they’re the enemy. They’re wrong though. A high-carb, vegan diet is the best way to eat.

No matter what you’ve been told, carbs DO NOT make you fat.

new years diet resolutions don't work

Eating high-carb means you’re going to have so much energy. Did you know we use carbs to burn fat? Our bodies are addicted to sugar, it’s what they live off, thrive off and what we need to be successful. You don’t get all your energy from protein or fat.

Carbs and sugar fill our glycogen stores so we have energy to concentrate, exercise and get shit done. We need to be feeding the addiction and filing up with as much sugar as possible. Your vitality will be through the roof.

The best diet is one that focuses on eating as much vegetables, fruits, grains and beans as you can. This really is a lifestyle where you don’t need to worry about the amount of calories you’re eating.

new years resolution diets don't work

You’ve got to move your body

The last thing to this lifestyle change is exercise. If you want to slim down, you don’t need to exercise like a nut-job. Spend 30 minutes to an hour everyday doing your favourite type of exercise. As long as you enjoy it, you’ll keep doing it.

There are SO many vegan athletes now, from volleyballers to sprinters and amazing weightlifters.

You could be running, cycling or swimming. As long as you’re spending time exercising and moving your body daily, you’re going to start seeing results.

Our bodies have to be moved. We’re not designed to sit at a desk chair or on a sofa all day. Move your body as much as you can and it’ll love you for it.

new years diet resolutions don't work

I personally think cycling is the best form of fitness. It’s a low injury sport, you can do incredible things on a bike, it’s very social and its great for building your fitness. If you’d like to read more about that, head over here.


Now, a word of warning. It’s not a get-slim-quick diet like you might be used to. Those diets are dangerous and are usually a result of intense starvation (hence why you put so much weight on afterwards.) Stick with this for a few months, the longer you do it the better results you’re going to see.

Your body will start by flushing out the nasty toxins from all those animal products. Eating animal products and yo-yo-ing on and off diets is going to mean your metabolism is in a bad way. It needs to heal. A month or two into your new lifestyle you might notice some minimal weight gain, it’s normal, you’re healing.

You’ll sort yourself out though and you’ll become leaner and leaner. You’ll have more energy than you ever had before. You’ll have a clear mind and have an even higher potential to excel with your fitness.

New Years diet resolutions don’t work. This is a lifestyle you can keep for life.

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