Nikocado Avocado – Is Veganism Wrong?

Nikocado avocado

Nikocado Avocado has pretty much gone from small time YouTuber to starring on the Daily Mail overnight, why? Because he’s hopped on the bandwagon of slating veganism for views. Original.

If you feel like putting yourself through 20 minutes of fake crying, over the top expressions and utterly ridiculous statements, feel free to take a look at his ‘I don’t want to be vegan anymore’ video. The crying thumbnail is enough to make you start cringing instantly.

He claims;

‘I’m confused, I am sick of not feeling good, no matter how healthy I eat, no matter how many years I stick to it’

Okay, so putting up regular Mukbangs of chicken nuggets, cheesy pasta and pizza is you eating healthily? Literally take one look at his YouTube page, and you’ll see the kinds of food that he regularly eats.

nikocado avocado

Yet, he claims it’s veganism that makes him feel shit? Not the fact that he binge eats on junk food, then claims the fact that it’s vegan for making him not feel good?

If you feel like you’re losing your ‘mental sanity’ over being vegan, you need to seek proper help. Cutting out animal products doesn’t suddenly make you feel like a bad person, or mean you have to cut out your friends and family.

The way he reacts and presents himself within the video is very odd, and it’s hard to tell if he actually thinks that people will believe his awful acting.

Nikocado Avocado claims that it is against human biology to be vegan, and that slaughterhouse videos don’t override that. For a start, it is completely possible to be vegan, biology has nothing to do with it. We are not cows and we are not lions, we are human beings. We can survive on meat and we can survive vegan.

nikocado avocado

Vegans live longer than omnivores, meat is a proven carcinogen, and dairy is NOT designed to be consumed by humans. Arguing that it is against our biology to eat vegan is utter crap, and deep down he knows that. Views are more important though, right?

For him to also state that this BS biology argument overrides the horrors of animal slaughter is utterly disgusting. Breeding animals, ripping their babies from them, slaughtering them at young ages and polluting the environment at the same time is what goes against nature and biology.

nikocado avocado
People believe this awful acting?

It’s sad to see someone so controlled by their desire for YouTube success. If his reasons of veganism being against biology were so important to him, why does he claim he will still eat plant based? By removing the tag of ‘vegan’ and making a stupid video to go alongside it, he knows it’s his easiest way to get views.

Luckily, the majority of vegans can see through this charade and won’t encourage Nikocado Avocado┬áto make any videos in the future.

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