Review: NomVNom – as good as Vegan Burg?


If you loved Vegan Burg but are having withdrawal symptoms from their sudden scaling back, NomVNom is here to fill the burger shaped hole missing from your heart.

Honestly, it’s pretty much the same as Vegan Burg. Instead of the spinach balls, theres the Goro balls, and the concept is all very similar. I will however be the last person to complain, as I adored Vegan Burg and am delighted that there is something to replace it now it’s gone. What NomVNom does have over its competitor, is the amount of choice. From cheesy burgers to ones made of rice, the variety is huge. The banana bread is also the best I have ever tried in Singapore, and the ice cream is pretty good too.

Being right next to the Clarke Quay, it’s as convenient as it is delicious, and with the cheapest burgers starting from only $6.90, it’s dirt cheap too. A meal for two including fries, burger and a drink is usually around $26, and I’m always so full I can never get the banana bread I’ve been dreaming of (cry). The fries are crispy and not at all oily, however I wouldn’t recommend paying the extra $2 for ‘truffle fries’, as you’ll just get a pot of truffle mayo.

I recently saw that NomVNom is now also on FoodPanda for orders above $30, something I am beyond excited to see. Although easy to get too, when you get those cravings on a weekday evening and all you fancy is a NomNom burger, heading out isn’t always what you want to do.

So, does NomVNom live up to the hype?

Rating wise, I’ve got to give NomVNom a 5 out of 5. Portion size, variety and price is all perfect, and there’s a reason I’ve been back again and again. They’re also super happy to accomodate how you’d like your burger made, I didn’t fancy the mushroom patty for the QQ cheezy, so when I asked to change the patty to crunchy soya, they did it no worries! Super fast service, and now even home delivery, NomVNom is building a solid reputation as being Singapores best vegan burger joint.

What Vegan Burg?
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    • Yep, Vegan Burg still has one outlet after scaling back from 3 or 4 if I recall, so not completely gone just yet! Wording has been changed, thanks for highlighting 🙂

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