Non-Vegan Alcohol To Steer Clear Of


When I first went vegan, I was most shocked to learn that lots of alcohol isn’t actually vegan. Sadly, some really disgusting stuff goes into the production process, making non-vegan alcohol a thing. Although websites such as Barnivore are here to help us find delicious, cruelty free drinks, here are some to make sure you avoid.


Irelands famous ale may be famous world wide, but it is still infamously non-vegan. Although they do have some vegan options, their main range is not sfv.

non-vegan alcohol

This is because they use Isinglass in its production, which is a substance obtained from the dried swim bladders of fish. As well as being completely disgusting, it’s completely unnecessary. Luckily for former Guinness lovers, they’re planning to remove this from their production!

Although they aim for this to happen by the end of 2016, there is currently no set date.

We are now pleased to have identified a new process through investment in a state-of-the-art filtration system at St James’s Gate which, once in place, will remove the use of isinglass in the brewing process.



Although once you think about it this is a pretty obvious non-vegan alcohol, you still have to watch out for the dairy free version. Although the Almond milk Liqueur took the vegan community by storm, turns out it actually includes beeswax!

Baileys however has promised that they’re working to remove this from the recipe to make this sfv. To be fair, this wasn’t created with the intention of being vegan. And it also says a lot about Baileys that they’re now working hard to make it 100% cruelty free.

Sourz (Apple and Cranberry, Pineapple)


Luckily for Sourz lovers, most of theirĀ range is vegan. However, make sure you steer clear of these two flavours. Although it doesn’t specify why this is, it’s easy enough to avoid these two flavours and just enjoy the others they have on offer.



Everyone’s favourite cider when they were 14 is sadly not safe for vegans. However, it’s a little more complicated with Strongbow. Although they themselves do not use animal products, they produceĀ Bulmers Original and Jacques on the same line, and these do.

Therefore, it is more of an issue of cross contamination. Think of it like Oreos. They can’t claim they’re vegan because of cross contamination, but everyone eats them anyway as they are still technically vegan. I think Strongbow is the same case.


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